See ya in the funny papers


One of the great befits of Florida beating Miami Saturday night (in addition to shutting up fans of the U and getting a trip to Omaha) is that the last out meant I am officially on vacation.


Had UF lost I would have been covering Sunday’s game. Now, there is no Sunday game. So I will have this week off to recharge and relax. Most of the time will be spent with Kelsey as we work on our Daddy Camp plans for softball and golf workouts daily. And a lot of time will be devoted to my golf tournament, which is coming up July 10.

But it’s hard to believe I won;t have something to say about conference shifts.

So follow me on Twitter this week. Just don’t look for any new columns for a bit. Unless something really big happens.


  1. From volleyball to softball, track and field to the football field, from diving to the diamond, could it be argued that Florida has the best group of coaches in college football?? It would be a mighty strong arguement. Wow, what a year!

  2. i think it would b great if dooley stayed on vacation for a year or so and lets see what robbie can do… much better writer imho..if the sun improves then robbie gets to stay, if not then pd gets his job back. to dream the impossible dream..semms like pd will b around forever no matter how bad he is.