Where’s my bag, dude?


The joys of traveling.

Last week’s trip to Birmingham was flawless so I should have known there would be issues this week. My flight as delayed and they rerouted me from Jax to Houston, then to Dallas and finally to the OKC. Left Gville at 9:30 a.m. and got in at 10 p.m.

And they lost my luggage.

So I sit here an hour away from going to stadium for press conference with the same clothes I put on Tuesday morning. I called the airline (won’t give the name but it’s a region of the country) and they said it would arrive at my hotel in four to six hours.

“What are you, the cable company?” I asked.

It hasn’t been a total loss. I did visit my friends at the Biting Sow blues bar Tuesday night. Gloria and Lanny are off to Missouri for a vacation today. I hope they travel safe. Really good people.

It’s amazing that I had never been to the state of Oklahoma before coming here three years ago with softball and now I’ve been here four times in three years. Bricktown is still one of my favorite places.

The irony of this whole thing is I totally underpacked for B’ham and grabbed a bigger bag for this trip. I made sure I had plenty of everything because I will be here until Sunday at a minimum and could be here for more than a week. And now my bag, so well packed, is being held hostage by an airline.

Sorry. Just had to vent.


  1. I hate when airlines mess up my luggage. That being said you have a pretty good job and life. I enjoy you and your blogs but myself and many others are going through health, financial, and family issues which make your constant complaining about food lodging and travel issues a little bit disingenous. Enough with the prima donna bit. i do enjoy your work but enough of the complaining. You’re living the dream.

  2. Not about your luggage, Mr. Dooley. Will someone at your newspaper please ask some critical question of UF, the UAA, Jeremy Foley, the SEC and whoever else you think about allowing a football game to be played in Gainesville on Septbember 4th at noon.

    Yes I know it’s the SEC contract with ESPN, but this could have been handled in contract negotiations. They’re raised our ticket prices, really raised our seat charge and now they’re going reward us with the worst gametime in Gator history … all so they can make some extra money. In some instances they are going to affect the health of some people.

    I don’t care if you post this. Do something!

    Am a 30 plus year season ticket holder who’s getting sick and tired of being abused.

  3. Pat, please hurry back to Gainesville. I’m so tired os listening to JC’s BS on the radio station. Dude acts like he’s so much better than everyone and knows so much. What makes him more qualified to talk about sports than anyone. What? He worked at TV20? Dated Spur Dogs daughter (who infamously named him Corn Dog, or was that Spurrier himself)? I used to really like listening to you and him but when he’s not being checked by someone who knows what they are talking about he goes way overboard with his bama homerisms and it seems as if he secretly dislikes and hope Florida programs fail. Tell him to get a job handling peoples money in Alabamastan, people there have money too. The people at 104.9 better be careful because if anyone else were to get a sportstalk program on FM in his timeslot, he’s done. Can’t you just do the show by yourself or with someone who actually enjoys the UF program? Please hurry back