Enemy territory


Earlier this week I wrote a blog about how the SEC Tournament was opening up the bidding process after next year’s event. And while the support you see for this tournament is a good reason to keep it here, there is one thing that should be considered.

Why should Alabama always have the home-field advantage?

If they moved the tournament around, we wouldn’t have what we are going to have today when Florida plays Alabama. Because make no mistake about it, Hoover and Birmingham are Alabama towns. Auburn, as it is everywhere except the plains, is playing second fiddle.

Certainly, there are a lot of LSU fans here and Ole Miss is well represented. But this is a Bama crowd as it is every time the Tide plays in this tournament.

It just seems that, to be fair, you’d have to move it around some. Maybe if winning this thing meant more you’d have athletic directors care a lot more and coaches complaining. But we all know it’s a prelim to next week.

Nothing against the good people who put this thing on every year. But doesn’t it seem a bit provincial to have two major conference events in a suburb of the city where the offices are located? At least we got the football championship game into the Eastern time zone.


  1. You make a very good point, I wouldn’t say that Bham is a Bama town, there are just as many Barn fans as Bama fans. The centra location , I think, is the reason for the tournament being held at Hoover. Lets say it is held in Gainesvile, the guy from Arkansas has to drive 15 hours one way to get to the game.

  2. The SEC Tourney should be held at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville. Wonderful facility, and close to an international airport, so getting in and out isn’t an issue.

    Orlando would also work, they have an excellent facility as well, and also have an international airport. Plus, lots of entertainment available for teams and fans.