Interesting story in the Birmingham News this morning about the age-old question concerning the aluminum bats in college baseball and whether they might go to wooden bats soon.

But within the story is the reason why that is unlikely to happen, no matter how many pitchers are injured by shots back to the mound.

SEC teams receive annual compensation for the aluminum bat companies that range from $60,000 to Florida’s $250,000. Plus, the schools receive bonuses for achievements during the year. Florida has $120,000 in bonuses written into its deal with Easton (a joint deal with softball).

Also, here is what the UF baseball program receives for free from Easton as part of the contract.

* 110 alumnimum bats.

* 72 wooden bats.

* 20 youth bats.

* 5 fungo bats.

* 50 fielding gloves.

* 150 batting gloves.

* 100 wristbands.

*45 travel bags.

* 45 equipment bags.

* 5 sets of catcher’s gear.

* 5 sets of knee savers.

* 5 sets of catcher bags.

* 20 sets of helmets.

* 1,500 t-shirts.

* 10 batting tees.

* 5 dozen Incrediballs.

* 50 sunglasses.


  1. So what you are saying is the SEC is a criminal enterprise supported
    by big business. NO, you didnt say that, I did. I know, let’s build a
    statue for all the Heisman winners and all the big businesses that
    helped them.. Then let’s build a big trophy for the worlds largest oil
    spill since that came from big biz too.

  2. But Easton also sells wooden bats. In fact I don’t think there are any bat makers that only make aluminum bats.

    So, if college baseball went all-wood, those same companies, who would still want the advertising brought by such sponsorship, would simply send more wooden bats and stop sending aluminum bats.

    So, I fail to see where Easton, or any bat manufacturer, is a factor in this discussion.

  3. these bats should only be used by high school and lower ball. if you play in college you should use wood. if you aspire to play pro, metal bats teach bad habits. i played both levels and mens ameteur till 44 years old . i know the truth