Sad day in Gator Nation


It was nine years ago almost to the day. I was calling some former Gator players to get their reaction to the death of their former coach. Charley Pell had lost his battle with lung cancer.

Then I dialed Jarvis Williams’ cell phone.

The voice on the other end cracked with emotion. One of the toughest defensive backs I ever covered was crying. He had to pull off to the side of the road.

We media boys are born gossips. We love to be the first one to tell you something. This was one night where it was not fun.Jarvis had so much admiration for his coach that even though he knew it was coming it overwhelmed him.

This one we couldn’t know was coming.

On Wednesday when Robbie Andreu and I were putting together phone numbers to call to get reaction to the death of one of the best defensive backs to play for the Gators.


He’d hit you hard and then hit you again. And yet he had a knack for the ball.

But when I think of Jarvis Williams, I will think of the joy on his face when he was describing the home he was building for his mom in Palatka.


Just sad.

That’s all we can feel today.


  1. Best UF Safety EVER. Teammate Louis Oliver was a close second. I enjoyed watching those two beat the crap out of the opposition. God bless you and your family, Jarvis. I’m so glad you are a Gator!

  2. What the heck is wrong with the coaching staff. Offensive play calling is sad. Moody sucks and the defensive calls are a shame. Why blitz on every 3rd down and everyone knew a fake field goal was a likely play so why not tell the player to watch for a fake? Looks to me like the coaches aren’t giving a 100 percent. Very sad.