The The The TPC


One thing that bugs me way more than it should — when people refer to something twice. That makes no sense, right? So let me explain.

It bugs me when my DVR listing says MLB baseball. It bugs me when Les Miles or Jesse Palmer refer to it as the SEC conference.

Understand? The B stands for baseball. The C stands for conference.

So here in Ponte Vedra Beach, it’s bugging me again. This tournament has not been the TPC since 1988 when the Tour started calling it The Players Championship instead of the Tournament Players Championship. Me, I just call it The Players to avoid any confusion.

But for a lot of people it’s still the TPC. Which means you are referring to it as the The Players Championship.

If you call it the TPC around golf writers or Tour officials, you will be corrected. As someone who grew up with tournament golf in Jacksonville dating back to the Greater Jacksonville Open at Deerwood, it has always been the TPC for me.

Just today I told a friend I was at the TPC. Good thing nobody else was around.

It’s The Players Championship. You know, TPC.


  1. reminds me of the FSU president, Stanley Marshall, back in the day that tried to refer to them as “THE Florida State University”. The Flambeau lampooned him and referred to FSU as “THE THE THE THE Florida State University”