Never-ending stories


I like quick, fast-paced stories that break and are reacted to and then they are over. Which is why it’s hard to explain why golf is one of my favorite sports to watch. That said, there are some stories that just seem to go on forever. I want answers and all I get is speculation.

The king of this is The King, also known as the NFL. The draft is coming up which means we’ve been subjected to weeks of speculation. It seems like the NFL Combine was a year ago, Since then, apparently, scouts have actually resorted to watching tape of games, which is why Tim Tebow’s draft status is moving up.

Still, it is such a long process because that is what the NFL likes. It likes Mel Kiper changing his mind 43 times in 43 days. It likes draft stocks rising and falling even though nothing has happened.  So what if the time between the last college game and the draft takes longer than Oregon’s search for a basketball coach.

You’re talking about it.

It’s the Roy Kramer theory. He always believed in the BCS whether it was right or wrong because we were talking about it.

That said, here’s what I think about the Gators who will be selected. I know, I wrote earlier where I thought they would go, but so much has changed (not). Hey, if these clowns can change their minds daily.

Tim Tebow: I’ve come around to believing he’ll go in the first round. Too many paranoid coaches who are afraid they’ll pass on a star.

Maurkice Pouncey: First round, no doubt. They see that he’s a baller.

Major Wright: Second round. I don’t get it. His ball awareness is terrible. But the NFL guys like him.

Aaron Hernandez: Third round. Tight ends aren’t hard to find.

Carlos Dunlap: Third round. Sliding, sliding.

Joe Haden: First round. Despite slow time in Indy, he can play.

Jermaine Cunningham: Fifth round.

Riley Cooper: Fourth round. Will be a great gunner.

Brandon Spikes: Fourth round. A steal.

Seventh round or undrafted: Brandon James, Ryan Stamper, David Nelson. Good guys all and they will get a chance.


  1. Anybody who lands Stamper is going to get a versatile LB that will be impactful from day one. For such a great linebacking corps, these guys are really not getting a lot of respect. Spikes in the 4th? Stamper undrafted? Can we get a 5th year of eligibility?!

  2. I think Riley Cooper will go to the Redskins. he is alot like McCaffery and Shannahan loved that guy. I think Tebow will go to the Panthers or Pats. I think Haden will go to the 49ers and Spikes to the Giants if McClain is gone by the time they take their first pick. Agree on M. Right. Pouncey will be the first gator drafted. just a guess

  3. Haden – 1st – Somebody missed the Pro Day results… forget about the combine.
    Tebow – 1st or early 2nd
    Pouncey – 1st
    Dunlap – 2nd – He won’t fall out of the 2nd. Every article I’ve read about his interviews has said he not only impressed teams, but also dispelled the BS notions that circulated earlier.
    Hernandez – 2nd – TE might be easy to find; but TE’s of this caliber are not.
    Spikes – 2nd or early 3rd – Nobody is letting this guy get to the 4th.
    Wright – 2nd or 3rd – They’re looking at Wright as a powerful hitter and run-stopper; not a potential CB.
    Coop – 4th
    Cunningham – 4th
    Stamper – 5th or 6th
    Nelson and James – 7th or contract.

  4. Ryan Stamper is a class act that performed on and off the field as the leader of a great defense. Smart, disciplined and dedicated his on field performance was obvious. What was not so obvious was his dedication to his team, his unit and the fans. I witnessed first-hand Ryan Stamper’s dedication and leadership during Fan Appreciation Day 2009. Lines were slow and long that day. When the scheduled finish time came all of the Gators left the O’Connel Center like clock-work except for the linebackers. Ryan directed the linebacker unit to stay late so that the fans who had waited to meet the Gator linebackers and get their signatures (and who had been past the cut-off point) would not be disappointed. My son was a direct beneficiary of this act of kindness and commitment. Ryan knew he and his unit would have extra running for being late to return to meet with Urban Meyer but Ryan stated “…I feel we owe the fans who support us”. Not a single linebacker left until Ryan dismissed them!
    I have great respect for Ryan Stamper’s on-field achievements, but I would argue the off-field character and leadership Ryan displayed makes a large statement toward his draft worthiness in the fifth or sixth round. He will make some NFL team very happy this year.

  5. Yeah, I think Tim goes in the first round, even if someone trades up to get him. I also think Cooper will surprise and jump up to the third, hopefully Carlos and Hernandez move up too, if not to the second round then the first of the third.

  6. No way on Tebow, Spikes…Tebows chances at first round were doomed the day he started slinging the ball last year. Spikes, although he ran slow…mustve run faster later and has way better film than Tebow. I say Tebow late 2nd or 3rd, and Spikes 2nd.

  7. Ball awareness terrible??? little stretch dontya think…
    And why continue to harp on Hadens slow time if he ran faster at pro day??? Guys have bad days cause we all know Spikes isnt that slow either

  8. No way Dunlap slides anywhere lower than mid 2nd round.

    I also think Major Wright is more of a third round prospect behind Eric Berry, Earl Thomas, Taylor Mays, Nate Allen, and maybe Morgan Burnett.

    Hernandez could sneak into round two but the draft is so deep at the tight end position that the third round is probably a good spot for him.

  9. How’s this….Steelers dump Roslisberger(he’s a bum)..then they draft Tebow …install the wildcat(spread) as their primary formation and go back to smash mouth football which is what their best at!!!

  10. as a Steeler fan for all of my 59 years and as having 2 sons graduating from Florida I absolutely would love to get rid of Big Ben and bring in Tebow if only the Rooneys would be willing to take the chance

  11. Having watched every game in California, there are a few things here that don’t make sense to this mid 60’s Gator journalism graduate. I can see why Carlos Dunlap slid from a top five or even a top 10 in the first round. But third round? You got to be kidding. I also find Aaron Hernandez in the third hard to believe. He will go higher than tha. Major Wright is a great tackler and had stuck around for another year could have developed into a Reggie Nelson. However, I think second round is a little high. The Los Angeles Times predicted in one story that relied on team beat writers that Maurkice Pouncey would go in the first round. My question about Riley Cooper will he play professional football or baseball? Tim Tebow in the first round. I don’t see David Nelson making it. Although I could see him offered a conditional free agent tryout.

  12. Agree about Major Wright, he’s terrible in space; very 1 dimensional in that he only hits people, but today safeties must be able to play with ballhawking skills, and he doesn’t. Ahmad Black is better and we should be improved in the secondary.

  13. Pretty good predictions. Dunlap has been overrated his whole career. If he would come back for his senior year and playl hard every snap, then he would probably become a top 10 pick. Spikes will go higher than the 4th round. Cunningham will be a steal in the 5th. The Rams are as crazy as Tebow’s critics for not taking him #1 overall. Bradford will snap like a toothpick. Stamper will make some team as a FA, and Nelson will get picked, but not James. I agree with the confusion over Wright. He was a good, but not great, college safety. Any chance Dooley will follow up on this after the draft and compare his predictions to the actual results?

  14. This may be way off base, but, I suspect the Redskins will take Tebow. Could it be they snatched up McNabb with the intentions of him mentoring Tebow for a year? Where else are the Skins going with a long-term star QB? I think Shanahan takes Coop in, as well, in the 4th. Dunlap will go mid second roound; Spikes will go early third; the same with Hernandez; Stamper will squeeze in on the last round; Nelson will not be drafted; the same for James; Cunningham will be drafted late, probably 5th round; and Pouncey will be the 16th pick, in the first round. I saved Major Wright for last – he will go in the 6th round to a team that will end up trading him or using him on special teams. He does not have the instincts to react quick enough at the NFL level. One more year would have really helped him and his family, in the long term. Plus, he may very well need that degree, he passed on, when he meets the cruel thing in life called reality. Yet, if he can be a good special teams player, he will do OK for himself.

  15. since dooley likes lists here are the reasons the jaguars’ are the worst at picking talent in the draft….
    1. they picked byron leftwich in the first round
    2. pick on tim tebow’s delivery all you want but leftwich’s looks like he just got finished using the outhouse after eating copious amounts of burritos.
    3. they picked reggie williams and matt jones in the first round.
    4. they didn’t pick tebow who is the one guy that could have saved the franchise
    5. since im venting they really started stinking it up when mike smith left leaving delrio’s defense vulnerable
    6. i hope they move to beijing