Happiness in Nashville


The people who are the most excited that Kentucky basketball is back among the elite? It’s not the Wildcat fans or the SEC. It’s the scalpers.

They are making a killing here because Kentucky fans are attacking the streets in droves. The loudest roar for the opening game came when the big screen showed Kentucky players watching from the stands.

In order, here’s what I have seen as far as the most fans in Nashville.

1. Kentucky fans with tickets.

2. Kentucky fans looking to buy tickets.

3. Kentucky fans who can’t afford tickets but want to be here anyway.

4. Tennessee fans.

5. Vanderbilt fans (it is Nashville after all).

6. Everybody else.

Truth is I have yet to see a Florida fan that is not employed by the University Athletic Association or related to Billy Donovan. I’m sure they’re all waiting for game time. Not.

That said, tonight’s game is vital for UF. The more I talk to people and watch the results of other tournaments, the more I’m convinced Florida is in the NCAA Tournament with a win tonight.

We’ll see.


  1. Have you heard about Florida’s economic crisis? I was lucky to go to 2 home games this year but I just could not afford to go to Nashville. There’s gas and lodgings.

    I’ve visited Nashville a couple of times before. I went to Vanderbilt University for the International Conference of Urantia Book Readers. Took my mom with me.

    They were very proud of their gym then, 1996, but I didn’t visit it. It’s called Memorial Colliseum isn’t it? What place is this where the tournament is?