On my radio show Friday, we spent a half-hour trying to figure out who Florida would play if Alabama beat Auburn Saturday. It goes down a long way on tiebreakers past head-to-head and division records and records against your own division and all the way down to records against the fifth place team in the East.

We figured that it would be Auburn and on Saturday after Alabama did beat Auburn it was confirmed by the SEC — Florida v. Auburn Thursday night at 7:30 in Nashville, The Gators handled Auburn at home earlier this year but Auburn ended Florida’s NCAA hopes at the SEC Tournament a year ago.

So we’ll see what happens up there.


  1. Speculation in the Raleigh News & Observer by Caulton Tudor this morning is that Jeff Lebo’s job is on the line this week. While we’re fielding a better team than the last two Gator editions, how do you think Lebo’s situation might affect Auburn’s effort, Pat? My hunch is that if the Tigers have played no better for him all year than what they’ve thusfar shown, they won’t give much extra effort Thursday night in Nashville. Your thoughts?

  2. While I think this Gator team is tougher both physically and mentally than the past 2 seasons, it’s fundamnetal flaws of poor shooting and passing, and lack of leadership will doom it once again. They may get past Auburn, but it will still be back to the NIT. A shame that a program that won back to back titles just 3 years ago can’t even make the top 65 teams since.

  3. Poor recruiting, no quality 3 or 4th guard/shooters. Boynton is a slasher and makes a good point guard but we need a shooting guard. Currently we are too small at point he is pressing and not efficient. Need another bulky forward who is not afraid to shoot. Why does Ray Shipman not play more minutes, he is very athletic.

  4. A win over auburn and the same over ms state should put us back in the tourney. Plus, I was encouraged by the effort at Lexington on sr. day against one of the best teams in the land this year. This team is playing with a lot of heart right now. Who knows, they could get on a hot streak.

  5. I have watched a lot of the gators games and the one thing I see is that walker should not be the starting point guard; boynton should be. Walker should be the 2 guard or spell boynton at the point or shipman (he has come on the last few games like murphey has). A point guard has to be able to drive the ball and either dish or shoot and walker size prevents this consistantly. Boynton is very creative around the hoop and it at least able to put pressure on the defensive without getting his shot swatted. Walker seems to me to wear down late in games and starts making too many mistakes. I think taking him off the point so much would allow him to conserve his energy and take the pressure off of him to create offense for everyone else. We need walker to hit shots, not set other players up for theirs.

    Side note. To beat kentucky you have to make wall stay out of the 10 foot radius around the hoop and make him shoot jumpers. His shot is terrible and he scores the majority of his points on the break and at the foul line off of a break. Bledsoe is the shooter and he needs attention on the perimeter, not wall.

  6. Carolina
    The NCAA does not invite the top 65 teams. The process invites specified conference champions and a number of at large teams. Florida would have to rate high enough in the at large category, which is in no way related to the “top 65”. If they can’t beat Auburn on a neutral court, do they deserve an at large bid? No, they do not.