Cattle call


INDIANAPOLIS — So here I am at my first NFL Combine sitting in a room with a bunch of other journalists (almost all of them male , by the way). There seems to be a pattern in my life. Mooooo!

We’re waiting for the first player or coach to come in and subject himself to scrutiny. Mike Singletary of the 49ers is coming first. I should get Aaron Hernandez and Maurkice Pouncey today.

So far, it’s been pretty uneventful except that I brought the wrong sneakers and my feet are killing me. Oh, and there is snow on the ground with occasional flurries. Back to you, Tom.

Coming here does bring back memories even though the arena where the Gators played two Final Fours and won their first national title is gone and Lucas Oil Field sits near the site of the old arena. But the Marriott is still here when my buddy Brandon Zimmerman almost had to sleep outside because he couldn’t figure out how to get in the building one night. Luckily for Brandon, someone opened a door for him. It really wasn’t that complicated but there is this great martini bar …

It’s cold here and it’s a different kind of cold than what we’ve been experiencing in Gainesville. It’s a biting cold. Already looking forward to coming home. The big question here is whether I can find the Florida-Georgia game on a TV. There’s always GameTracker.


  1. Welcome to Indianapolis… excruciating cold, right? As a Gator fan I’m glad you’re here… but I know this is uncomfortable for y’all. However, it’s nice to not be the only Gator fan around for a few days! Have a great time!

    There are a few great wine bars too… check them out (it’ll warm ya right up!)

  2. Hi Pat..I am Luke Hurlburt’s gram NaNa You wrote about him n Timmy Tebow..Luke would love to be there helping you analyse his favorite people in all the world! I think you should have Luke write(you assist) a mini column for other children to follow their Hero’s. I relize it would be a little slanted for Gator Boys but he likes other teams too as long as they R not our guys.. So snow or not.. He hardly missed any games in 4yrs. He has a book I made him of all players.. N he is studying new guys sitting on a Rich bench.. Stay warm!! We love your articles!!

  3. Good stuff. Very informative post on the combines, especially the part about the martini bar. Love Tebow to death. But any info on what the other 9 or so former Gators are doing to prep or get ready for the combine?

  4. Pat,

    I read you column about the two ex-gators at the combine and I must say, you never miss an opportunity to spin something into a negative light for our program, do you?

    I love SOS as much as anybody, but man you gotta let it go. Get on board with Meyer, even thogh he probably doesn’t coddle you like your old golf buddy, and realize it isn’t all about you.

  5. Pat,
    Enjoy your collumns. I am a 64 year old, 4th generation die-hard Gator whose Grandfather and Father missed seeing the Gators win a national championship or conference championship in football.
    I am curious as to why I don’t hear anything about Brendan Beale. He played lights-out in the spring game two years ago,or was it last year, then I understand he was hurt, but returned to action. Is he still with us?