Tiger Trap


This is surreal.

More than 300 accredited media members sitting in a ballroom hacking out tweets and blogs while waiting for the television to come on for the Tiger Woods infomercial.

Supposedly, Michael Jordan will be there. Hey, if you’re going to apologize for infidelity what better person to have in the room than another adulterer? There will be media there, but only a handful and not members of the Golf Writers Association of America who are boycotting the gathering.

So we sit here speculating and damning. Would you be in the room if you were invited? Would you be here if you weren’t assigned to be here? Who were those two women outside Sawgrass with signs that I can’t relay to mixd company?

What a zoo. Cameraman are scurrying around the ballroom trying to find the best angle for Tim Finchem’s post-commercial press conference. Photographers are taking pictures of the two dozen satellite dishes who are filming the photographers who are taking pictures of writers registering for the bizarre deal.


  1. The Country is fighting to get out of a depresion, The Republicans are trying their darndest to make the last Presidential election look like a mistake..(Remember the people voted Obama in because they were tired of you Republicans). All of this is happening and the world stops because an athlete screws around on his wife…What the hell is America coming to.

  2. Nobody needs to “try their darndest” to make it look like a mistake RON, they just need to embrace reality and see it for what it was/is. A colossal mistake. Folks drank the kool-aid and here we are.
    That said, all I need to know about Tiger Woods is when will he play again, and what time does he tee off.

  3. Republicans had 8 years and they ran the greatest country in the world into the ground, and then expect one man to fix the problem in one year now that’s the mistake. Tiger made his bed (no pun intende) but for the world to stop for a 13 min speech is the biggest mistake.

  4. I do agree that Tiger is sorry and deeply regrets what he did. The only reason he is sorry and regrets what he did is because he got CAUGHT. Had he not got caught he would still be out there doing what he does. A person that is really sorry for what they do don’t wait to get caught they stop when they really are sorry and admits to everyone what they did. That’s a person that’s really sorry for there actions and not just saying there sorry because they got caught. I myself have lost all respect for a person I so admired. He will always be the greatest golfer I’ve ever seen but also the sorriest excuse for a athlete and human being I’ve ever seen. I really feel sorry for all the kids he let down and his wife other than that I don’t care. If he returns to golf I’m sure he will do great but I promise you this he will definitely have one less fan. I guess to each his own and God Bless and yes I have done alot of things in my life I’m not proud of but it never affected anyone but me. Prisons are full of people that are sorry and we all know why.

  5. Ron,
    Do people like you, on the right, left, republican, or democrat, just run around all day looking for opportunities to blow some political mumbo-jumbo out of your mouth? I agree with the “What is America coming to?” sentiments. But, your list of things that we should be paying attention to should not include any of the idiots in engaged in the mockery that we call politics these days. That includes your boy that you mentioned as well.

  6. Most Americans will forgive a celebrity the first time they make a mistake or even a series of mistakes; especially if they own up to them and change their ways. Unfortunately though, the whole character issue looks kinda’ deep here. The ever image conscience Tiger weaves his magic via “infomercials” while persuading the public to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Tom Watson and others had recently called on Tiger to respect the game more deeply for other reasons. Maybe success changed him, or money and global influence; then again, maybe those things simply allowed him to be who he really is. People will always appreciate Tiger’s golf game but with the caveat that that’s probably all there is to the man. He’s not a role model or someone you would want your son to be like. Why then venerate a guy just because he’s a great athlete, yet it happens all the time. Every now and then a Danny Wuerfful or Tim Tebow comes along who transcends the athletic mold and raises the level of everyone’s “game” regardless of what they do. Something inside resonates that this is the real deal. Understand though, those guys are few and far between. The others just want you to believe they have character so they can spin it into endorsements; in the end though it leaves you feeling flat. Great athletes are just that. While real role models leave us with something lasting that changes us for the better.

  7. I apologize for bringing politics into a sports blog. I shall never do it again.. God knows there is too much politics in sports today without bringing it up in sports conversations….By the way I still think Tiger believes himself to be an elitist by what the hell he is.