Iconic or platonic?


On Wednesday on my radio show (104.9 FM, 4-to-6 p.m. daily), I came up with this idea to take 32 Gator icons, seed them and play it off. Yes, I have bracketology on the brain.

I tried not to put too many guys or girls on there who I was close to so they wouldn’t get angry. I’m sure Chris Doering didn’t appreciate being an eight seed.

Anyway, the point was just to have some fun. I’m not sure all of our callers, who made most of the picks, understood what I was trying to do. They just wanted to win something.

So here were the first round results with their seeds:

Chris Patrick bracket

1. Danny Wuerffel over 8. Dara Torres.

5. Mike Miller over 4. David Eckstein.

6. Lisa Raymond over 3. Wilber Marshall (stunning upset!)

7. Udonis Haslem over 2. Tracy Caulkins.

Norm Carlson bracket

1. Emmitt Smith over 8. Carlos Alvarez.

5. Heather Mitts over 4. Jevon Kearse (caller still upset he took money from Tank Black).

6. Shane Matthews over 3. Corey Brewer.

7. Kerwin Bell over 2. Stacy Nelson.

Mr. Two Bits bracket

1. Joakim Noah over 8. Chris Doering.

4. Chris DiMarco over 5. Nick Calathes.

3. Jack Youngblood over 6. James Bates.

2. Percy Harvin over 7. Camilo Villegas.

Dr. Pete Indelicato bracket

1. Steve Spurrier over 8. Cris Collinsworth.

4. Al Horford over 5. Matt LaPorta.

3. Neal Walk over 6. Danielle Fotopoulos.

7. Vernon Maxwell over 2. Brad Wilkerson.

We eliminated Tim Tebow because we already knew the answer.

Remember this is about popularity, not achievements. I don’t agree with all of them (Maxwell over Wilkie?) but we had a good time. We’ll finish off the bracket Thursday on the show and continue with brackets each week leading up to March Madness. I welcome any suggestions for subject matter. Gator enemies? Snack foods? Be creative.

Should be some interesting match-ups on Thursdays show. I especially like the Emmitt v. Heather Sweet 16.


  1. A bracket for talking heads who know absolutely nothing about what they are talking about. Number 1 seeds = Colin Cowterd, Terd McShat, Steven A(bsent-minded but not absent mouthed( Smith, Keith (I should have stuck with sports even though I sucked at that too) Olberman. Pat Tooley is a close 2 seed.

  2. How do you forget about Abby Wambach? First team All-American, all-time leading scorer in school history, national champion, and a clutch performer for the U.S. women’s national team. By far your biggest oversight… she could be a 2 or 3.

    Could certainly quibble about some of your seeds too… how do you rank any of the 04’s above the others? Corey Brewer-Shane Matthews should not be a first round matchup… Shane did QB the Gators to their first SEC championship. And nothing against Nick Calathes, but his assists records alone aren’t enough to merit being on this list… not when his teams missed the NCAAs. And Vernon Maxwell should be DQ’ed.

  3. Vernon Maxwell does not exist as for as the record books goes…so why should he even be considered…I doubt this troublemaker is all that popular among Gator fans from any era…but especially in that era.
    What about Ronnie Williams or Andrew Moten????
    Maxwell was a disgrace to the entire athletic department …and ruined Norm Sloan forever.