Mesler’s mess


Former Florida Gator track athlete Steve Mesler is in Chula Vista, Calif., preparing for the Winter Olympics and just returned from the World Cup bobsledding championships in Austria.

It was there, just before the finals, that he received some disheartening news.

His parents, Ben and Lois, had rented a house in Whistler, British Columbia, for family and friends to watch Mesler in the Vancouver Olympics. The only problem was that there was no house.

“They got scammed,” he said. ” I found out Sunday just before the World Cup final.”

The Meslers were scammed out of $7,332 and had no place to stay for the Olympics. But the good people of Canada have come through.

Mesler told The Sun that his family and friends are all set now.

“There has been 12-to-15 offers at the very least of people offering them a place to stay,” he said. “Once the story broke, people have been sending offers to my website and my Facebook page saying, ‘They can stay with me.’  They’d offer a house, a room, a bed.

“They’re all set up now. They have one place for two nights and another for seven. I really figured the Canadian people would respond pretty well. It has been overwhelming. It wouldn’t matter if I was a Canadian bobsledder or an American bobsledder. I’m there for their celebration but they came through for my family.”

Mesler was an All-SEC decathlete at UF before taking up bobsledding. He was named on Jan. 17 to the U.S. Olympic team in the four-man event. It will be his third Winter Olympics.