SECers of the decade


My good buddy Chris Low of came up with his SEC football players of the decade and it’s a nice list. I disagree on a couple so here is my list.

1. Tim Tebow. Well, duh.

2. Darren McFadden. Could have won two Heismans.

3. David Greene. Winningest QB in SEC history.

4. Glenn Dorsey. Dominant force inside.

5. Patrick Willis. Defined the position.

6. Eric Berry. Could play anywhere on the field.

7. Percy Harvin. Two NCs and dozens of highlight plays.

8. David Pollack. An amazing guy to watch.

9. Cadillac Williams. Very special player.

10. Rolando McClain. A real man.

On Low’s list and not mine:  Eli Manning, Mark Ingram. But that’s what lists are for.


  1. I like the list Pat. Tough to focus on this…when the “season of the weird” starts to look like an HBO Original Series.

    The Babik situation is beyond disturbing. Someone so close to the program for so many years. And this? I hope its a big mistake, but charges filed does not bode well.

    TampaDave – I’m saddened by this as well.