The Red Menace


Snap, there are a lot of Cincinnati fans in New Orleans.

Last night on Bourbon Street, while we were throwing beads to young ladies and watching young men get taken to jail for public stupidity, all you could see was a sea of red and black. Since Florida turned back thousands of tickets and Bearcat fans grabbed them up, Florida will be playing its second straight game at a neutral site that is hardly neutral.

Alabama had a 2-to-1 advantage in Atlanta. It will be more like 3-to-1 here.

Of course, if you take care of business on the field, the crowd doesn’t matter. When I made my pick two weeks ago, so much has happened. I picked Cincy then so I can’t back down. But the truth is that I have no idea what to expect Friday night. The Gators boys have been partying pretty good here, but so have the Cincinnati players. Both teams have distractions. Both teams have motivation.

Should be an interesting game.

Hopefully, you saw my Gator All-Decade team at Curious to get your thoughts. I’m getting some feedback on the cornerback position because Joe Haden wasn’t on there.


  1. The All-Decade team was pretty good. It’s your so-called “top 10” list of Gator Football that has my blood pressure way up. 5 of the 10 are Gator loses??? I don’t care about your “nail-biter” criteria – that list was pathetic! Thanks for dredging up horrible, painful memories. Are you writing for the Sun or espn?

    I normally enjoy your column, but this has to be THE WORST EVER!!!

  2. Pat,
    Keiwan Ratliff blew off the bowl game his last year. My recollection is that he barely showed up for it. By contast, Joe Haden saved an almost certain touchdown early in the Cincinnati game with a last second deflection of the pass on their gimmick play. He’s a better cornerback and a higher quality person.

  3. I was at the game. While there were more UC fans, hardly 2:1.

    Pat would love to get your thoughts on how this team performed after the pressure off with a loss. I know the pros keep talking about Indy and NO and how the loss will hurt them. All I can say is that was a different team than the entire rest of the season.

    Look at team, at Meyer. I know I personally found little enjoyment in this season (UGa and FSU only real good times). It really makes you impressed with the 2006-2007 basketball team, but that team could lose and be OK. Remember the end of SEC season, getting beat badly by lowly LSU.

    Also we seemed to really feel like we had won something after FSU. That whole final home game seem to take a lot out emotionally. Kind of reminds me of how Alabama reacted after the SEC championship. I will not be shocked if Texas has a good showing as Alabama could have an OSU moment after reading how good they are for weeks.

    Anyways, I would like to get your thoughts on how much looser the team appeared after the loss. Tebow made great throws and the receivers made great catches, better than they did at any time during the season (we did play defenses worse than Cincy this year and not do that good.).