Finebaum fiasco


I have been receiving a lot of e-mails about my appearance on “Outside the Lines” on ESPN Monday and feel I owe the readers a little bit of insight to the situation.

Paul Finebaum, who was doing his segment in Birmingham, made a ridiculous statement comparing Urban Meyer to Tiger Woods. I felt that the host of the show dressed him down properly and came to me with an unrelated question. I wasn’t in the mood to get into a shouting match on national TV with a known Gator hater. In fact, when I found out Finebaum was on the segment I cautioned myself not to get into it with him.

In retrospect, I should have said something, but I’m hardly a TV guy. I was a bit nervous and exhausted from these trying four days. But I should have said something. Obviously, I’m not cut out for TV. The face should be enough of a reason.

This wasn’t a case of me not wanting to look like a homer. I was a little stunned by his statement and didn’t react properly to it.

I think all of you out there know how I feel about Urban and his family. We have an excellent relationship, which is why I should have come to his defense. It was just one of those things where hindsight is 20-20.

If you don’t like the fact that I said Florida is taking a big risk with this move or that it could hurt recruiting, well, that’s my opinion. It could also work out very well for UF. I hope it does. More than anything, I hope Urban finds some peace with whatever decision he makes.


  1. You don’t need to apologize for taking the high road with Finebaum. You did the right thing and people should respect you for it.

    not responding to that inflammatory statement Finebaum made is the second most amazing thing you’ve done to shooting an 85 at Augusta.

    Happy holidays Mr Dooley

  2. Good response. I was one of those that was questioning the judgment of the situation. I appreciate your willingness to answer the emails given. Though some may say otherwise, many would have done the same thing as you Pat.

    I do have one question though. You have been on Finebaum’s radio show a few times I thought. If that is so, then don’t you have a connection with him and in turn could you find out the BIG BEEF he has all of the sudden with Florida and Urban?

  3. I understand completely but I’m cut of a different cloth and would not care where I was. If he said that in my prescence I’d have let the S.O.B. have it right away.He’s the most idiotic,despicable sports guy in the universe and needs to be told how much he’s disliked or worse.

  4. Dooley, you kept on the Finebaum bandwagon and dug into the Gators. Yes, your comments on recruiting were purely speculation in an attempt to sound knowledgable. The Gator Nation is reeling from the last few days and you just added fire. You choose to not give credit to the Gator Atletic Dept and football team by indicating this will doom the program for making this decision. Frankly, you say you have a excellant relationship with Coach Meyer and his family. I will not speak for him or his wonderful family, but maybe you are not the answer to his issues.

  5. Pat,
    you are a Gator, and we all kow and appreciate it. This entire situation has gotten out of hand, and many people have forgotten that Urban and his family is the focus of concern for the Gator Nation. He will get well and be back with a vengeance. In the meantime Coach Daz and Foley will keep the ship on course.
    College football has become so cutthroat that all of the Gator Haters and slimeballs like Lane Kiffin will make fun and try to reap rewards at Urban’s problem.

    Hang in there. My daddy once told me not to wrestle with the pigs unless I wanted to get dirty.
    Keep up the great work.

  6. You disappointed an entire Nation during one of its most difficult times and when most are not supporting us! You have the voice and the information and elected not to use either in our defense. Mr. Dooley, your character is shameful!

  7. Pat, I just sent an e-mail to you that once I sent it, I felt was a bit harsh.

    I thought the moderator did put it to Finebaum after his Tiger comparison and I agree that a comment from you in some crafty way would have been appropriate and made all us Gators feel like you had the Gator Nation’s back. As it was I felt like you caved.

    But I also understand the situation — being on the spot, on national TV, in an unfamiliar role, is not an easy task. It is easy to come up with what one could have said AFTER the fact.

    It is just unfortunate that you were not able to have a strong statement when needed.

    Thanks for owning and acknowledging your performance as you have here.

    Elizabeth Sanders

  8. Read Peter Kerasotis’ column and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. You did nothing wrong, and used rational judgment. Peter Kerasotis, in his judgmental approach, exemplifies the harm a journalist can do by becoming personal in an unecessary way, and extending his comments beyond his field.

  9. Sir, it is not, nor shall it ever be your job to defend Meyer from a raving lunatic!

    You chose the high road- and I’m happier about that instead of lowering yourself to his level. And any fool who writes you complaining is the same idiot who attacks all folks on message boards. Not worth your time worrying about…

    Good job!!!

  10. Pat, on the site where I regularly post I make no secret of my extreme dislike of Paul Finebaum. This clown clearly has a vendetta against Urban Meyer and UF in general, and it’s about time somebody from the Florida camp takes him down.

    For Finebaum or anybody else to attack a man when he’s down is low class as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m also very concerned about Coach Meyer; once the Sugar Bowl is over he needs a break from his routine of the past five years as well as the continued browbeating he receives from the media. As far as Florida taking a “risk” with this move, the way I see it, Coach has a level of trust in Steve Addazio and the other members of his staff in that things will continue to operate as usual while he takes the much-needed time off to get well and refresh with his family.

    Finebaum knows that he’s trying to sabotage UF’s recruiting efforts, but thank God UF and Gator Nation aren’t buying into his nonsense. In making a ridiculous comparison of Coach to Tiger Woods, he also makes it clear that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Compared to Tiger’s recently disclosed pecadilloes, Urban Meyer’s a saint.

    And the Orlando Sentinel calls this hack Finebaum one of the “10 most powerful people in the SEC”? Hogwash.

  11. Dooley..I saw the show you are referring to..Frankly, you are trying to blame finebaum for something that was totally misinterpreted. You should have learned from Urban not flounder on your decision. You did what you did yesterday quit trying to change it…and as far as finebaum being a tool..I find it funny that only one fan has posted to your blog..why dont you check finebaums blog..

  12. Sim, you are just wrong. Mr. Dooley, the journalists that sucked up to MLB while the stars they were interviewing were blowing up like balloons have never had to answer for their duplicity. Sports journalists are such suckups to each other and to athletes that it is just pathetic. That readers and fans tolerate it is beyond me. I know that we feel completely let down by sports journalists and that they don’t get near enough of the blame for all the crapola that continues in sports. You should all be dedicated to weeding out your own ineptitude and also do the same for the sports you cover. My favorite instance of this whole episode is people like Cowherd creating all kind of negative prognostications that will result from this, rather than finding out what the heck is really going on, what caused this to happen in the first place, and what the known facts are. Every supposed journalist out there is writing fiction (labeled as “future possibilities”) and all of the prognostications are negative. Imagine if this results in saving Urban’s life, family, and reignites the Gator faithful to find a way to both make him successful and relieve the stress. THERE ARE ACTUALLY ROSY SCENARIOS that one could draw from this. But, Mr. Dooley, don’t waste you time chasing those either. Reveal the inanity of those around you, do it immediately, do it well, and be the one who changes sports journalism forever. Or just be another Finebaum.

  13. Don’t worry about it, Pat. Finebaum is a sensationalist, and a “pile on” kinda guy. Don’t let him drag you into the mud. You’ve been doing a wonderful job making the rounds on radio and TV. Keep up the good work.

  14. Pat – I agree with you; it is a risky move that could hurt recruiting. However, the Gators also made the right move because IF Urban Meyer returns to coach again (and I believe he will), this move by UF makes it more likely that it will be in Gainesville.

    Kudos for not getting drawn in to an argument with a Gator hater. You and Urban Meyer are both adults who have an excellent relationship, so if there is a problem, you guys will “talk it out” and things will be fine. Go Gators!

  15. that’s great Pat… while you’re over here wringing your hands, Finebaum is on the air casting aspersions about Meyer & UF. And it’s not enough to insult a coach or a program, that scumbag Finebaum just crossed the line by insulting Urban’s family too. You all should be real proud of your profession.

  16. Pat that is just Finebaum hes going to take the harder edge on most subjects, he speaks to a heavy Bama fan base and its good for radio etc for him to have strong and in some case ridiculous opinions on certain subjects. He backs the Tide you back the Gators lets call this what it is just two now rival college football fans going after each other. Its good fodder Pat dont back down maybe you should call in the show!! I would even call for a charity boxing match for 3 rounds and 16 oz gloves, all for charity, work with me on this…..

  17. Don’t sweat it, Pat. You’ve got a few years of equity built up with us.

    Just know we rely upon you to be the voice of GatorNation when
    people like Finebaum, who appears obsessed with playing a contributing role to our downfall, attack.

    I agree this move by Foley is somewhat risky, but its the right thing for an employer to give time off when a good employee has a health problem, and much less risky than any other alternative.

  18. Meyer is a great guy. Stands for all the right things and tries to do things the right way and for the best interest of everyone. He is great for UF. He is obviosly ill. To not come to his defense only shows that you are a coward. He needed all who are gator fans to stand behind him, to cover his back. You would be the last guy I would want in a fox hole with me. You need to reconsider your value system. Tebow will pray for you.

  19. I agree & no worries Pat. You took the high road and everyone knows what a piece Finebaum is. You are such a great staple to the Gator Nation community as well as the Gainesville Sun and I look forward to your columns every week. Go Gators !!!

  20. Pat you had a chance to defend GATOR NATION and the readers that pay your bills and you totally just flopped. I am disappointed in your actions and I accept your apology, but I think you need to apologize to Urban. Plus what would you rather them do kick Urban to the curb, then have him come back in a year or two and join another program? He is one of the top five coaches in the country and we should give him all the time he needs. I am disappointed in a lot of Gator fans that just want to move on.

  21. After the Ron Zook fiasco, how can you question doing everything possible in order to keep one of the top coaches in America. I still have some of your Zook columns and I know how much you hated that period. Pat dooley was the voice of the gator nation at our low point (this century) and needs to remeber those trying days. Lets do anything necessary to keep Urban..leave of absence, reduced role, ..anything. I hate tha Finebaum insulted Coach and his family and wish you would have called him on it.

  22. I disagree with your statement above Pat. I along with many others were completely and utterly disgraced with the “PRO” urban stance that you took. I didnt know which person , you or Finebaum, was Urban’s friend. I can understand you wanting to voice you thoughts but you came across as a real jerk. With friends like that I am sure Urban doesnt need any enemies. You just lost a loyal supporter today.

  23. You people have no class or tradition…you wish your University was important like the University of Alabama.Urban Meyer is a sissy and you people will see that and I will be vindicated.I dont hate “gaters” and I feel sorry for them,heck Tim Tebow never even beat Auburn,how good could he be. The National Championship that you won was not an undefeated one. You Gainesville hicks are about to see what a real University will do on Jan7th. Good Luck against Cincy. Is Urban Meyer coaching that game for Florida or his Alma Mater?

  24. I can understand what you are saying, but I would have lit into that pos and told him about himself. Sorry, I just had to vent… I was hoping after he said what he did you would have tore him a new one.. Thanks for explaining your point though…

  25. Finebaum came across as a complete Gator-hater idiot on that segment. To compare Urban to Tiger is ridiculous. As you said Pat the host did call him out on that Tiger comparison implying that it was indeed over the top. I know you would like to go back and maybe step into the ring with that twit but I agreed with your assessment on the situation.

    I am a diehard Gator, but there are too many Gators out there that think that Meyer can do no wrong. The bottom line is that Urban has not handled this whole situation very well. In my opinion he could have waited a week until after the bowl to drop this bomb in the media’s lap.

  26. It happens, Pat. I’m real good at going back after the fact and saying, “I should have said this, and oh man, it would have been great if I’d said this.” It’s much harder to find the proper words in the moment.

  27. Comments can catch us by surprise. I didn’t see the segment, but I can say this; don’t ever sink to PF’s level. I live in B’ham and choose not to listen to his show. He will interview a guest and bash him/her as soon as the interview is over. He is classless and adored by Bama fans.
    If defending Urban would have put you in a shouting match with PF then say nothing. Urban’s actions will be his own defense.
    Will this hurt the team/recruiting? Who knows.

  28. It would be excused if it was the first or second time something like this happened Pat, but it’s not. I think I speak for many that you have not really supporting this program and that some of your columns are slanted and reckless. Are you trying too hard to separate your homerism from UF or do you really have something against this program over the years? I choose the latter.

  29. Just make sure you get a chance to talk to that moron again and when you do, set this straight. Too many “columnists” with “opinions” are forging images of people that are wrong! This is a perfect example . How the !@%#$ do you compare a mans infidelity to someone wrestling with health and passion?! No offense to you Mr. Dooley but I am sick and tired of all of you writers “opinions” littering the internet with a handful of them being constructive but the majority of them being arrogant ways to stir up controversy to sell ads!

  30. too late Pat. How outrageous would fineaum have to be for you to have overcome your nerves and rebutted him. If he had said Urban was paying recruits or was totally lying w ould that have been enough? It does seem you have finally gained some level of friendship with Urban but your appearance on outside the lines may have killed it. You had a good relationship with SOS but if you ever let him down like you did Meyer on OTL I suspect that would have enede that. You might want to publsih a big I am sorry Urban column. Recruis and thier families watch tv and read the paper too you know.

  31. Like anyone believes anything finebaum has to say? I suppose when there’s not much positive going on in birmingham to do or talk about, then people like finebaum make up lies and bash people and programs that are successful. If you don’t believe me check out birmingham and its stats. For that matter, what is there to do in the entire state of ala. except attend to the teeth in one’s front pocket or outrun the advances of siblings. Eeeeew!!! With a face like finebaum’s he should be relegated to radio only!

  32. I just think that ESPN has gone the way of TMZ and National Enquirer. Allowing Finnebaum to make accusations like he did, keeping Forde employed, even Chris Fowler’s pushing Brian Kelly on the Home Depot awards show to make a comment about going to ND before he had a chance to tell his team is garbage. I think our desires for sports has created a monster that none of us can really tolerate and looks like it will get worse.
    The good guys get a brief moment in the spotlight, but it is the unscrupulous who get the recognition.
    Pat remember this: you are not as bad as your loudest critic, and not as good as your last accolade.

  33. Why worry about someone whose intellectual deficiencies are well known to everyone but himself. He “thinks” everyone cares about his opinions………… and they are opinions, as very few are fact based……………particularly when it involves the Gators.

    A Tennessee alum, a Saban apologist, and a Gator detractor. Why waste your time. Life’s too short.

  34. Pat – discretion is the better part of valor. T’SeeGator, Urban is a man, so he does not need Pat to fight his battles. Meyer will deal with Finebaum for insulting the family – it’s what a husband and father does.

  35. I would have wet my pants if I had been in the situation. I think you did fine under the circumstances. Finebaum is Finebaum…and everyone knows who Finebaum is, and you don’t need to set him straight about anyting. He should be writing for one of those “Snake has human baby head” rags.

  36. The people in Alabama are so afraid of him they won’t do anything about him. He contiually insults everyone. Even people connnected with Alabama and Auburn programs. Before the SEC game is was on the Tony Barnhart show on CBS. Tony asked him if he believes Urban Meyer when he says he has no interest in the Notre Dame job. Finebaum responds, “were his lips moving”? Then he goes on to say that he should take the ND job with the implication that it is a better job than Florida. Then Tony asked him about Nick Saban and he went on to say Saban will saty at UA essentially because there is no better job than UA.

    I certainly do not blame you for not impowering the devil

  37. I have to say that I was pretty upset when I heard about this. But I can understand how this could have happened after your explenation. Next time you are on with that idiot be prepared and take it to him! He is a disgrace.

  38. God almighty you guys are idiots. Finebaum’s statement was completely and blatantly in the context of Meyer, like Woods, having “FALLEN OFF HIS WHITE HORSE” He didn’t compare the morality of the situations only how comparably foolish Meyer looks right now. If you weren’t all watching everything on ESPN through your gator-glasses you would recognize the truth of Finebaum’s statement. Go Gators.

  39. Pat, I expect few people realize the big difference between being live on TV or radio and writing in the confines of one’s own office. They are dramatically different media with different types of pressure. I can understand the reluctance to get into a “Springeresque” situation with another guest on TV or radio. Some of us are just not wired that way. Hang in there.

  40. One thing I like about you is you’re not a homer. I can read your stuff and get an honest perspective. I also appreciate the fact you report from a national perspective… being that I’m not a UF grad… I’m a fan, but they’re not my team. People who don’t understand why you didn’t do better in front of the camera have never been put in front of the camera. I have… it’s not easy. Thanks for your work.

  41. Everyone knows Finebaum’s a hack playing the radio ratings game. Nothing more. Heck, he didnt even go to UA. He’s radio prostitute, knows damn little about playing the game of football and enjoys tearing down anyone for ratings/personal money. Frankly, Bear Bryant would be extremely embarrassed of Finebaum and the real Bama fans know that! Just do everyone a huge favor going forward, particular as you admit you are NOT a TV guy…dont be doing any more radio or tv shows with this putz. Don’t reinforce some form of legitimacy to this bonehead radio jerk who couldn’t make it in a real job and enjoys tearing down good people and families.

  42. Know that you have a least one supporter. What is being said about you isn’t deserved. For those of us that have been on live media, we know we don’t always say or react the way that later we wished we could. You’re doing fine and I enjoy your work as a reporter…keep your head held high, because you deserve to do that.

  43. i don’t by it pat. you come and speak off the cuff to the nw fl gator club nearly every year and you are never nervous. not like you did not know what topic would be discussed. that said i am going to suggest to our club we find another guest speaker. you do not need to enjoy a free condo and golf on us

  44. Easy there, Dan. You don’t know the state. As a Birmingham resident and Gator fan, I can say without malice that Finebaum’s concerns are for that of his own show and not of the lives about which he irresponsibly opines. His role as a self-proclaimed “opinion-maker” should rarely be taken seriously.

    It’s regrettable that someone with such media clout and massive distribution power at his disposal would be so flippant about the lives he impacts, but he will surely be better-remembered for his proclivity to denegrate than for his previous life, in which he was considered a thoughtful journalist.

    Mr. Dooley, you are not on the same league as Mr. Finebaum…and that’s why your opinion matters to most of us.

  45. The host did not dress him down adequately. Finebaum got away with those comments and you are now crawfishing because you got called out for falling asleep at the wheel.

    Why hasn’t anybody called Finebaum out for his comments this summer that Meyer was lying and that Meyer would be the coach at ND this winter?

  46. For everyone discrediting Finebaum for any old reason – get over yourselves. Belive me, as an Alabama fan, he had LEGIONS of haters during the time of Mike DuBose up to our present coach. But looking back a few years later, the points he was trying to make were mostly correct.

    His emphasis is to NOT tell people what they want to hear, but to challenge them with a combination of acerbic humor and grains of common sense. A fairly kamikaze approach to take with passionate SEC football fans, to be sure, but some of us have gotten used to it, and even appreciate it, in this age of talking-bobble-head yes-men (no, Mr. Dooley, you are not one of those!).

  47. Pat, I think you handled yourself very well and he did come out looking like an idiot over the TW talk. I thought you should have defended UF when he said if you’re a UF commit recruit you should have your head examined. Wonder if he would have said that had we knocked their head in on Dec 5. Either way UF is a power house Myer or not. May be a lil less of one without Urban, but let’s face it; None of us wil be around forever right?

  48. Pat, I to was in shock listening to Finebaum insult Urban and the Gator program. I was hoping that you would take issue with what he said and come to their defense. But looking back on it, I think you made the right choice by not playing the argue game. Everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion and some people know when it’s best to let the other guy look like a moron.

  49. We all have been in that situation where we wish we had said something.
    It happens. It’s human.
    But I wish you had said something.
    In an age when confrontation and outrage take the place of fact-finding and discourse, real journalists should continuously set the record straight.
    I agree, you’re not a TV guy. You’re not confrontational (which makes you a good choice for a lot of roles in life: friend, father husband, real reporter) Still, if you’re lucky enough to get in the game, be ready to play.

  50. Pat, No problem. I work in S Alabama and listen to Finebaum occasionaly. I tuned in today and caught David Lam bad mouthing the Gator Nation including you. David talked about his inside connections in Gainesville, we all know the only connections he has are with the servers at N Florida buffets. I am quite surprized that ESPN would have Finebaum host any type of program as his show and opinion is comparable to Jerry Springer. His audience is laughable as is he.

  51. Finebaum is a lap dog for Saban and the ‘Bama program. You are the leading voice of the local Florida paper. ESPN put you in front of that camera to balance his rhetoric. You’re not so naive as to miss that. It was your duty to come to his defense.
    You claim to have “an excellent relationship” with “Urban and his family,” yet failed to defend him. Actions speak louder than words.
    I guarantee if Finebaum said anything similar about Spurrier you would have shouted to the rooftops in his defense. You couldn’t even get through Meyer’s press conference announcing his leave of absence without name dropping the Ol’ Ball Coach.
    I think Urban Meyer, the Gator Nation, the Gainesville Sun, and you yourself would all be better served if you started hitting the want ads in Columbia.

  52. Pat, thank you for explaining your point of view. I was upset also but your explanation makes alot of sense and I respect the strategy (caution) you took when you found out finebaum would be on the set with you. Hindsight is 20/20. This was a rough weekend for every Gator fan etc.. and nobody is perfect. I came away from this weekend realizing even more what a class act we have in Meyer and the University of Florida!!!!

  53. Pat, with all due respect your mea culpa rings pretty hollow. Of course, you don’t owe it to UF to jockey them year after year, however, in this situation you should have defended the program and Meyer, in particular. More than most people you know who Meyer is and what he stands for….he’s the antithesis of someone like Finebaum. You’re on TV or Radio most weekdays during the football season so I don’t buy the “tired” and “nervous” excuse. If nothing else you should have defended your profession against a “cancer” like Finebaum. I for one would like to see someone in your profession to stand up against his hate and vitriol towards Meyer and this program. Where is this coming from and why did it start? It’s become quite personal and this needs to be exposed.

  54. Pat:
    I know where your loyalties lie, love your stuff and always look forward to your columns with great anticipation. But … (always the precursor to criticism, isn’t it?) I feel your apologizing because you know you should have said something. Love you man, but you looked like a wuss to the Gator faithful. Water under the bridge, Ese. However, lesson learned … the next time you are on with Finebaum, or you appear in any medium wherein some pundit is taking ANY swipe at the Gators, you should not allow reticence to prevent you from stating your opinion/sounding off – you are there for a reason.
    Sharpen the pen AND the sword for the next suaret… Like Reggie Dunlop told Dave Carlson in SLAPSHOT “You’re a killer!!…Let ’em know you’re there!””

  55. Don’t worry about it. I watched the segment, and although I was upset at what the man said and wished someone would tell him how wrong he was, I also realized that guest appearances on ESPN are no place for arguments. Its the host’s job to direct the conversation and address statements such as those Finebaum made. You said what you felt and although I may not agree with you 100%, you certainly made your point well and came across as a much less biased Commentator.

  56. I don’t at all have a problem with your opinion – I can’t imagine anyone with a right mind – including Foley doesn’t see the risk in this move. The issue is in the fact you, as a sports journalist who should be very clear on where your support comes from, allowed said fan base to feel poor about themselves and the coach they are supporting – allowing a moron to slander the coach and university yet again.

    What is worse is your excuse seems to be that you were tired and Finebaum was just better than you. Doesn’t exactly bring the confidence rolling back.

  57. Pat – Good to meet you earlier this month when you were in Tallahassee. Next time you’re anywhere near Finebaum, whether on tv or not, remind yourself to hit him as hard as you can with an aluminum bat. We wouldn’t want you to waste your good wooden bat on a wastrel such as him…

  58. Pat,

    It’s been stressful on many people and hasn’t caused me to probably be working for 4 days straight with little rest. Don’t beat yourself up. Finebaum’s an idiot and you did best not to let him bait you. Get some sleep.

  59. Pat — The better question to ask is why do you and Coach Meyer “have an excellent RELATIONSHIP”? You don’t have to be a combatant, but what happened to the concept of journalist maintaining objectivity from that which they are covering? How does one do that while having personal relationships with their primary subjects? Do you not realize that Coach Meyer and Coach Spurrier before him, only fostered a “relationship” with so as to gain positive coverage from the hometown paper? Or, did you think they hung out with you because you are cool guy and they just really dig your company? Come on man, I know you like hanging out with the jocks and cool kids, but be a grown up and professional. Then, perhaps you can be objective and criticize these folks when the situation warrants. This situation is the very reason why journalist need to have personal separation, but unfortunately you would rather hang out with the Head Coach.

  60. Pat’s right. Finebaum is a Gator hater, and has made no attempt to hide it. Finebaum reminds me of the Kibbles and Bits dog who is running along beside the big dog trying to be noticed. He has insulted Dooley, Meyer, Tebow and Gator fans all year. I remember when he made Spurrier mad and Spurrier ignored him…refused to even acknowledge Finebaum’s existance and then Finebaum started sucking up to him. Now Finebaum is Spurrier’s lap dog.

    Finebaum is just a little man with a Napolean syndrome.

  61. Pat, I appeciate your response to what I’m sure has been a lot of criticism, including from myself. I still can’t believe you would just sit there and let that Nick Saban loving….Gator hating SOB get away with his ridiculas attack on Meyer. Comparing his situation to Tiger Woods! Are you kidding me! However, I’m even more surprised that ESPN would even have a hack like him on any of their shows. Especially after the idiotic article he came out with this past summer regarding the so called hot news that was going to break the next morning out of Gainesville about Meyer leaving to go to Notre Dame and the pending deemise of the Florida football program. He is a total joke! My question would be how does this guy even keep his job. By the way, I relaize it is still fairly early and we have a ways to go, but in regard to recruiting, I do not agree that all is lost in that regard. From what I have read in the last few days, the majority of the kids comitted say they are still on board.

  62. Actually Pat, you did a good thing by not getting into a shouting match on ESPN/Nat’l TV. I would of ‘liked’ for you, or anyone, to have said something back to him, but like you said, it caught you off guard & you weren’t ready for it.

    You took the high road & didn’t make it into a shouting match and left him looking like an idiot.

    I for one appreciate this blog and thank you for the statement on it, eventhough you didn’t have to write this. This shows that you aren’t about fighting on Nat’l TV and about reporting your opinion and news from G’Ville.
    You are above that bag of filth known as Finebaum and don’t have to resort to his low level…

    keep up the good work, Pat.

  63. You finally take a firm stance on an issue only to immediately back down. Smacks of what one would expect from the sports editor of the Columbia High newspaper — not a seasoned pro. You look worse after posting this mea culpa than you did on ESPN.

  64. First, what’s up with this “high road” crap? Such is one of the problems with this entire country. If someone does something harmful to you or someone you supposely care about, you slam their trunk lid shut! That is why there are so many of these little dorks running around like a bunch of escaped bobble heads. I can promise you this, if someone attempts to harm someone I care about, regardless of how fatigued I am, there will be hell to pay! As for the “homer” crap, if you speak the truth, who cares? Why is it that our journalist seem to be the only ones called “homers”. I know, it’s pure jelousy, such as that in the words of the toothless Bama fan above. Gatornation is just fine and all you people out there trying to make this more than it is, you can go pound sand! Take the high road? What the crap? Kick someone of the high road and you won’t get stepped on!

  65. It makes me sad that Finebaum runs down Urban Meyer. His health is not good and he running him down. He makes comments on his show about how bizzare Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow relationship is. Finebaum talks about Meyer and Tebow being gay. Urban Meyer was a successful coach before Tim Tebow got there. It so absurd to think he going to the pro to follow Tim Tebow. I dont get it. He acts like he was only successful when Tim Tebow got to Florida. I am surprised that Urban Meyer has not sued Finebaum yet. All of the slanderous comments on his show each day. It sad Why do we in the state of Alabama have to hear about Urban from 2 to 6 on Paul Finbaum show. He should be talking about Auburn going to the bowl. Paul should be talking about his boy Saban and Alabama going to Pasadena. We hear all about Urban. Urban and Tebow. It just makes me sad. I think that Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have some of the same personality. They both are great coach. They both work hard and they are very successful. I hate that Finebaum runs down Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. Go Gator

  66. Pat,

    Here’s a question. If you say you’re not a TV guy why then do you continue to accept opportunities to appear on these kind of shows?

    Finnebaum is not new news. You had to know what you were getting into when you decided to participate. Your performance with Finebaum was disappointing. Not because you didn’t stand up for Meyer, but because you froze and didn’t stand up for anything.

    You are in s gifted position as a sports columnists covering one of the premier college programs in the country. You’ve got to better than this. GatorNation deserves better.


  67. Thank you for your your candor and honesty, Pat. It is so easy for people to speculate on what they would do in such a situation, but until you’re there, no one really knows what they would do. I possibly would have erupted into a diatribe that got all my comments beeped out – or maybe I would have frozen and not said anything at all. You did fine, and more importantly you showed class, a concept that idiot from Alabama can’t grasp.

  68. Pat,

    I view this one as attack on someone who is sick and you had a chance to “manup” when Slimbaum attacked and you dropped the ball. As a Professional in the media business to take the “highroad” shows what you are deepdown really made of.

    The ole saying about Gators sticking together in all types of weather surely does not apply with you.

    When the going gets tough, you sure are not one the Gator Nation can depend on. Very disapointing to say the least.

  69. Pat’s contrition is warranted. When the Gainesville Sun’s primary Gator columnist doesn’t challenge something that’s said in his “presence”, it lends credence to the comments. He should have challenged Finebaum directly.

  70. Pat, I wouldn’t sweat it. Paul Finebaum has NO credibility and is a complete joke. If you have listened to his show, it sounds like the “Jerry Springer” of sports radio with most of the idiot callers he has on. He loves to stir the pot and he LOVES Nick Saban and that is his entire game. This summer I tuned in and he and Andrea Adelson (another rocket scientist)from the Orlando Sentinel were talking about how Urban Meyer had already secretly met with Notre Dame officials somewhere in Tennessee and was surely heading to ND after this season. We all saw how THAT turned out !!! On the same show, he called Meyer a “scumbag”. His callers sound like they are straight out of the movie “Deliverence”. And he just eggs them on the whole show. A waste of airways and time!!

  71. Dooley, have you ever heard the expression…

    Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference. ~Author unknown, attributed to Mark Twain

    Finebaum has no credibility. Let him dig his own grave. You’re still A+ in my book.

  72. In response to you not wanting to get in a ” shouting match ” with Finebaum. It reminds me of the old saying that goes something like — It’s best to keep your mouth closed and let people think you’re an idiot, than open it and remove all doubt.

    Proverbs 32-13

  73. Pat,
    You know that Finebaum would have ripped you. You are just jealous of him. He is a very powerful media member. He is so powerful that he has aided in the firing of a few coaches at Alabama and Auburn. I would challenge you to go on his show or have him on your show, but we all see now how cowardly you are.

  74. No, Pat does not need to “defend” Meyer. However, Finebaum is a worthless piece of crap and should have been called out as such right at the moment. There’s a time for the high road; this wasn’t it. Finebaum is a delusional egomaniac who probably thinks he can tear down Meyer like he tore down Mike Shula. But his nonsense really doesn’t hurt UF, and he knows it. We once beat Saban on the road with Ron Zook and a freshman QB for crying out loud. If anything, Finebaum is making Alabama out to be an insecure winner here, and anyone in agreement with his sick tactics suffers from the same perverse infatuation with UF that he has.

    So is this Alabama’s “class” and “tradition” ? Slander is really something to be proud of Tiders. This explains why you guys claim so many false titles–you start with an over-inflated view of yourelves to begin with. Florida’s success over the years must have eaten at you to the point where you can’t enjoy your own successes, so you choose to willingly empower a sniveling weasel like Finebaum and fail to see what a complete joke he is making “Bama Nation” out to be. Finebaum is your version of Don Imus, Tide.

  75. Kind of makes you wonder what the draw to Meyer and Dooley is when it comes to Finebaum. He seem’s obsessed by them and Tim Tebow. It’s almost like he wishes he could be invited to to play with them, but they won’t let him.

    I’ll bet Paul’s teachers used to write in the remarks section of his report card that he didn’t play well with others.

    Pat, you are what Finebaum wants to be. I remember a few years back he had you on his show when it was rumored Spurrier might go to Alabama. He wanted your opinion and I could tell in his voice that he was envious of you.

    Now Paul…go back to your room little boy. The big boys are playing and you are not invited.

  76. Finebaum is pretty much what everything everyone said and you did the correct thing by taking the high road. You are a journalist and he is a Bama hack who only wants to add to his Bama radio audience. My question is what is Finebaum going to say when BAMA goes on probabtion next year; thats right you heard it here first.

  77. Pat,
    It is obvious from your statements above that your opinion is that this could work out or this could blow up. Why mention only the latter on national TV right after someone had already more than covered that side of the argument?

  78. problem with this situation is Urban might have had or almost had a nervous breakdown.Mental illness is always kept very confidential in most families and his is no different. And to combat this illness by being the head coach at Florida might be impossible. Rather him better then coaching.

  79. It was interesting listening to the commentators the other night and their take on people who are envious of Meyer. Reading between the lines their remarks were directed at Finebaum.

    To “Scott” I have a better idea…why don’t “you” leave, as in leave us alone! Dooley is our sports writer and we like him just fine.

  80. I have been reading your column for over 10 years now, but will stop doing so. I still can’t believe this – you say you are close to Meyer, yet when that idiot bashed Meyer you decide to take the high road – I am sorry, but you are a journalist and was invited by ESPN to make your point supporting the gators and Meyer. Disgraceful and pathetic!

  81. Pat, don’t apologize for your undying, unfettered, and heartfelt support for Urban Meyer and the Florida Program. It’s not like you are a reporter nor columnist who should focus on reporting facts and such. Oh wait. I apologize. I thought I was on your FACEBOOK page. So you are actually in the news business? You actually are a paid columnist? Wow! This sure looks like The Wall on a FACEBOOK page. Where exactly can I find your news/columns reporting in the context of ethical journalism? I can’t recall Cecil Hurt apologizing for taking the Alabama program nor coaches to task which he has done in columns. I can’t recall Tommy Deas ever apologizing either. If you need examples, look at their articles this year dealing with the U of A’s reluctance to respond to the Freedom of Information Act request concerning secondary violations. I notice your bio doesn’t reference an education in journalism, so I guess you are off the hook as not having known better. I hear you can take some of those classes online, so there is hope for you yet to become a journalist.