SEC West rewind


Gold star: Terrence Cody. Mt. Cody got it done in a big way against Tennessee, blocking a pair of field goals to allow Alabama to escape with a 12-10 win. OK, Daniel Lincoln’s kicks were so low they were in danger of being blocked by gophers but you have to give the big guy credit.

Silver star: Johnthan Banks. So his mother was saving A’s for the rainy season when she gave him his name but what a game for Banks. Two touchdowns on interceptions against the mighty Gators and some real speed on the 100-yard return.

Bronze star: Dexter McCluster. The Ole Miss hybrid had an amazing game with 123 rushing yards and 137 receiving yards in Ole Miss’ win over Arkansas. Who does he think he is — Percy Harvin?

No star: Chris Todd. Who was it on Gameday who said he’d play well against LSU? Todd threw for 47, yes, 47 yards and had a crucial interception and a more damaging fumble.

Quote: “I just knew we had to make a play. I had to make a play. We couldn’t wait on anybody else to make a play. I got a good jump off the line, pushed the guy back and just stuck my arm up.’’ — Terrence Cody


  1. Gold star should go to Banks, hands down. How often does a player return TWO int’s for TD’s vs. the #1 team? The one at the end of the half made a potential blowout into a nail biter, and ignited the home crowd, to say the least.
    As for Cody, the media hypes him because he is huge. On each of his two “blocks”, another, quicker guy broke through and made a hole big enough for even him to get his body into. Then a kick which was headed left and at about chest-level, not likely to be good anyway, hit his big body, and CBS poured praise onto him.

  2. Congratulations to Lame Kitten and the Vols: You are still undefeated, 3 Wins and 4 Moral Victories! The whole country was pulling for you and you couldn’t finish the deal when kicking one last field goal. Pride is the beginning of failure and Lame Kitten has lots of both and needs to humble himself before becoming a great coach. His hatred for Florida is amazing and he looks at any opportunity to throw a jab to the Gators. I don’t think Alabama is that great to be honest. Ever since I saw them playing against South Carolina, I noticed their QB was not sharp enough. I think that teams are now figuring out the Alabama offense. Kudos for Johnathan Crompton, he played well. Also the UT defense was great. Too bad Tennessee has a boy for a coach. They should promote Monte Kiffin as head coach and let Lame Kitten hold his dad’s clipboard.