Latest from Columbus, Miss.


Had an unbelievable steak dinner at the Old Hickory Steakhouse. Not that anyone cares. On to more pressing issues.

Visited with the Meyers this morning at the Holiday Inn next door. Urban is typically tight. I told him to go out and have some fun tonight. He said, “Only one way to have fun.” And then he raised his arms to signal a touchdown.

Looks like Brandon Spikes will play but will be limited. There is a concern about playing him too much and reaggravating the groin injury. Jaye Howard did not make the trip but Lawrence Marsh did and may play tonight.

Charlie Strong had to get the security people to deal with a bunch of people waiting in the lobby to get Tim Tebow’s autograph. One of the trainers told me, “There are 115 rooms in this place and we have 100 of them so where did all of these people come from?”

It’s a beautiful day here. Cool and sunny. Let’s see what happens tonight. Did I mention the steak I had last night?


  1. Pat, to me, you are the most credible sportswriter that I know. Have been reading and listening to you for a long time. All the way back to your TU days in Jacksonville. You, Lamm, Bianchi, Frangi, and Larson are individually and collectively better than any one and every one they have had since you all have been gone. Mike D is not bad, though, I must admit. Nevertheless, I would rather know how you feel about any topic, Gator or otherwise.

  2. our latest trips to Starksville haven’t been good and we’ve came out with a lose i think 3 of the last 4. i’m just praying our offense finally comes through cause the defense is banged up right now, so were gonna need to put some points up tonight. I think they need to take it easy with Spikes cause were gonna need him to be healthy for Georgia and South Carolina. Not to Mention his last game in the swamp against FSU. GOOOO GATOOORRRSS!!!!

  3. What a difference a year makes. Dan is gone but the offense is similiar but not quite the scoring machine we had last year. If we are not carefull Dan could surprise the Gator Nation. I don’t think it will. But if we don’t get out of this offensive funk someone is going to beat us. The ‘D’ needs to rebound and hold State to 17 or less, if so we’ll win big. FLA 38 MISS ST 14. GO Gators!

  4. i have a theory about this florida offense. tebow is holding the ball too long, not seeing the pass rush coming from the side, and looking dead at open recievers in the 5 – 15 yard range then throwing longer passes or running the ball. i think something is wrong with his vision. its like he cant see properly in a certain range and this was happening before the concussion. i am the last person on earth that would say anything negative about tebow and this is just an observation. florida’s offensive problems are 80% playcalling. but with UF’s incredible medical staff i belive a trip to the eye doctor is in order for the greatest player ever. what if a pair of contact lenses unleashed an air war on UF’s remaining opponents?

  5. Pat, what are we cvpmplaining about?10 & 0.
    Graves was silver 60s. so what . gave us Spurrier, Heisman and nothing else. Doug Dickey avoid losing didn’t. Charles Pell, had as much to do with Bowden’s sucess as Mickey Andrews. I appreciate every game, every victory.It has been a very long journey for Gator fans. (how about 1990 the beginning?)