The Back Nine: What happened to the Gator defense?


The Back Nine likes the cool weather even though Gator fans found a way to sweat on Saturday at The Swamp.

Arkansas' Dennis Johnson breaks yet another tackle. Tricia Coyne/Staff photographer
Arkansas' Dennis Johnson breaks yet another tackle. Tricia Coyne/Staff photographer

1. Florida fans are concerned about their offense, but what about a defense that gave up 188 yards on three Arkansas drives after Florida took a 13-10 lead? Don’t look now but the Gators just missed another tackle. The Back Nine talked to Charlie Strong on Sunday, and he said it was simply a “lack of focus” by his defenders. It also may be time to shelve the Joker package because teams have figured out just to run the ball against it. And give Bobby Petrino some credit. He knows what he’s doing on offense and had so many of the right calls on when Florida blitzed. To be honest, Florida was lucky to win the game, and Arkansas fans are still complaining about that phantom personal foul penalty that was called on Malcolm Sheppard on Florida’s game-tying touchdown drive. It was bogus.

2. Still, the mighty Gators are No. 1 in the first BCS standings, something that has never happened before. So they have that going for them. Which is good. The only team that is in the top 15 and has no chance of playing for the national title has to be Virginia Tech. Two losses aren’t going to cut it this year, even though the Hokies could still play in the ACC title game. Can you imagine if the right (or wrong) things happened and we got a Boise State-Oregon rematch in the national title game? It could happen, but a lot of teams would have to lose games because Boise’s computer ranking is only going to go down.

3. Even Georgia Tech is in the mix after beating VaTech on Saturday. The fans tore down the goal posts afterward. Really.

The real McCoy? AP photo
The real McCoy? AP photo

4. Uh, didn’t you use to be Colt McCoy? What has happened to the Texas quarterback who I picked to win the Heisman this year? Maybe it’s the supporting cast, but he has thrown 11 touchdowns and seven picks. That’s hardly Heisman stuff. The Back Nine thinks Okie wins that game if Sam Bradford doesn’t go down again. McCoy seems to have regressed. It’s another reason we all are stating the obvious — there is no great team this year. But there will be a champion.

5. And there will be a Heisman winner. They don’t void the stiff-armed one just because the favorites are struggling. Suddenly, Alabama running back Mark Ingram is getting a lot of love after his 248-yard performance against South Carolina. It will be interesting to see how he does this week, but if he shreds Monte Kiffin’s defense he’ll be in the mix.

Bad luck Bradford. AP photo
Bad luck Bradford. AP photo

6. You can’t help but feel for Bradford. And you can’t help but wonder how many juniors are going to look at his situation and bolt for the NFL.

7. Can you imagine how depressed Randy Edsall is? The UConn coach had to identify the body of slain defensive back Jasper Howard at 4 a.m. Sunday. Howard was stabbed outside a school-sponsored dance after helping his team beat Louisville with 11 tackles and a forced fumble. “One of my sons has been taken away,” Edsall said. “There’s nothing in my job description that says you have to identify bodies.” Just heart-breaking. Howard was from Miami and hoped to make it to the NFL to help his mom, who worked three jobs to support him and his two sisters.

8. More proof that one of the Back Nine Commandments is legit — Kansas State gave up 66 points in an embarrassing loss to Texas Tech last week and then turned around and scored 62 against Texas A&M the next week. Repeat after me, “Every game is its own game.” And how’s that whole Mike Sherman thing working out for ya, Aggies? Probably about as well as the whole Ron Zook thing is working out for Illinois. I’ve been telling people that Zook is Charley Pell, great recruiter and motivator who rallies boosters and gets things done but coaches tight in games. I want to publicly apologize to the Pell family. Charley must be rolling over in his grave like a rotisserie chicken. And growling at me, “When did I ever have a 19-35 record at anything?” Point taken.

Saints ain't looking bad. AP photo
Saints ain't looking bad. AP photo

9. With every NFL week that goes by, I’m liking my Super Bowl pick of New Orleans more and more. The Saints are fun to watch. You don’t need to go back and look at my other pick. Really, it’s not important. Just enjoy the way the Saints are playing. Seriously, turn off your computer. OK, OK, it was Tennessee. If you had the Titans and 58 points Sunday, you lost.


  1. hi Pat, just got a question for you . you say each game is it’s own game , so why are every poll voter down on florida? they are comparing the bama/Hog game to the Gator/hog game saying well bama beat them soundly. what if the hogs just had a bad game? as florida did against the hogs? this same thing happened to florida last season at the same time of year. i believe the issues will be addressed and the gators roll the rest of this season !

  2. Wonder about the attempted arm tackles, missed ankle tackles by the defense. I counted 6 missed arm tackles in onw dwfwnviw play!!

    Also, the offensive line could not hold their blocks, even on double teams!

    Back to the basics? Or are there some players who are there for show, no committmnt?

  3. Pat…. Your are too close to the fire, move back and stop writing about everything, but the true problem. NO OFFENSE… The Gator are struggling offensively against the SEC, and we have no true passing attack. You can blame Meyer, Addazio or Tebow for the problem, but the D isn’t the problem. Honestly, what happened to Nelson, Hammond, Hines and Lawrence? They would be productive on SC, GA, Ark, Tenn, FSU, Miami, Vandy and almost any team in the country, but not at UF (Should I mention Moody?) Stop listening to Meyer and start reporting the facts; Addazio hasn’t developed any talent since he’s been the Offensive Coordinator, fact!

  4. I agree about the personal foul being bad, but what about the leg whip/trip that caused Rainey’s fumble? Just pointing out that bad calls happen, the refs don’t put the ball in the end zone, and good teams force FG attempts (like we did after that fumble). Hog fans/Gator haters need to stop using the ref card and point to bad kicking and missed passes. 2nd down penalty calls don’t lose games, players do.

  5. Coach Strong must’ve done a good job scheming and coaching the Gators, because they always seemed to be in great position to whiff on those tackles. Yeah, it’s fun to lay a guy out, but better to wrap him up and bring him down!

    The personal foul was bogus. Did he refuse to help a Gator up? Is that worthy of a PF? However, it does make up for the bicycle kick that caused Rainey’s fumble.

    Ron Zook is no Charlie Pell. When Coach Pell walked in a room, everyone felt a bit scared and intimidated. When Zook walks in a room, only his boss is scared (“What’s he going to say THIS TIME?”).

  6. Maybe part of what happened to the Gator defense was playing without Marsh, Howard, and Spikes; and losing Trattou during the game. Maybe losing those guys up the middle helped make Petrino so smart.

    Secondly, most predictions I read said that Arkansas would score around 20 points.

    Finally, why are you certain that what CBS showed on the replay was what triggered the flag?

  7. When is someone going to talk about Addazio’s failure as an Offensive Coordinator? The Gators scored one TD on a half dozen trips to the Red Zone. And according to Demps, he veered from the called dive play and scampered into the end zone untouched.
    Then of course, there’s the disappearance of Moody AGAIN with only 2 or 3 carries. Everyone (except the coaching staff) knows that he can be far more effective than the useless runs up the middle with the Tiny Tots (Demps/Rainey/James). Where is the benefit of using James at all in the backfield?
    Tim Tebow shouldn’t have to carry the ball 27 time, either.

  8. ‘Bout time someone mentioned Addazio’s name and his lack of expertise as Offensive Coordinator in the same sentence. What is Coach Meyer thinking when he allows the same plays called time after time with the same result…3 yards and a cloud of dust? The dive plays haven’t been working as evidenced, again, during the Arkansas game. Then Demps runs around the end, untouched. Come on, Coach, start playing Gator football like we all know you can do. The only thing keeping the Gators in these last 3 games has been the defense…and that almost failed on Saturday. You have to give this group of Gators the chance to defend their SEC Championship. So far, they are being let down by their own coaching staff.

  9. The gators were being protected all day by the refs and, yes, that is no excuse. We still should have won the game. We are still a very young team. We lose 5 players next year. We missed our chances and did not compete as well as needed in the 4th quarter. And, oh yeah, our kicker is a head case. And for all of that you have to win with 9 seconds left and, I still have not heard the first word of credit given to a good team, a great effort, and some excellent coaching.

    After you lose you will remember what sportsmanship is. I’ll wait. If you don’t get it together, I won’t have to wait long.

  10. “When is someone going to talk about Addazio’s failure as an Offensive Coordinator? The Gators scored one TD on a half dozen trips to the Red Zone.”

    I agree the offensive playcalling is pretty lame. But remember that Addazio called the offense in the red zone last year, when it was the best in the SEC. Something else is going on, and I suspect it has something to do with losing Harvin and Murphy.

  11. GolfHog – your team already had our respect before the game was even played. It’s the SEC; no one is taken lightly. So do us all a favor and quit demanding respect, it makes you sound like a whiny 13-year old girl. And nice double standard you have there–you don’t give any credit to the team that actually beat you, instead you just blame it all on the refs like a crybaby. The reality is that your team had more than enough chances to win that game, and they might have pulled it off if your hot shot QB was more concerned with throwing an accurate pass than he was about trash talking after every play. So don’t preach sportsmanship here… you’re just like Mallet–you don’t have an effing clue about sportsmanship.

  12. Arkansas was well coached, and they played a great game. Gators are fortunate to come away with the win. Either team could have won. Gators need to be ready for every team they play. Gators will have a bullseye on their back. Every team wants to take down the champs. Our players need to be aware, and not to lose focus. like they did on Saturday. four turnovers, and bad tackling will not win any more games this year.

  13. GolfHog,
    What kind of credit would you like? Your “NFL” QB missed guys wide open (and I mean wide open), the UF offense drove down the field on their 1st three possessions and the Hogs lucked up and recovered some fumbles. I am not quite sure any one of our teams needs your so-called credit. If UF scores on all 3 possessions, we pretty much take the wind out of your sails and we could have run any play we had wanted to. I believe you were protected by the refs a few times also. And by the way, the end of your blog is nothing but excuses. Both teams played horrible and you get a few turnovers and still didn’t win. Then you come on this blog and preach to us about sportsmanship? Let’s hope we play again soon so you will understand your place in the SEC…in the “SLOP”.

  14. Have to agree with Tony’s comments. I am not calling Addazio a failure as an OC yet, but he definitely is not going to be succesful trying to rund dive plays with 180 pound backs all day. Sure, if you do it enough and as a “set up” to a different play then it can be useful but that is premised on the dive being successful. Moody seems to be the one that picks up the most yards per carry up the middle. I don’t have the stats but it sure appears that way when you watch the game. Talking about losing the ball, I think Moody was put in the doug house with his fumble early this year. Well, there have been plenty of other people fumbling since (other than Tebow’s fumbles which I am not talking about) that have not caused those folks to be treated like Moody so if there is some lingering issue with Moody’s early season fumble, get over it Addazio. When we have gone around the end, we have not been able to free up Demps/Rainey/James (D/R/J) and they have comparable speed to Harvin so it is more than trying to get D/R/J the ball on the edge as they are not making the plays around the edge as often as Harvin. So, does that meat that D/R/J are not Harvin, yes. Does it mean that our blocking execution on those “around the end” plays is also not the same as last year, yes. So, to me that means we have to recognize that at this point in time D/R/J are Not Percy Harvin. They are great football players and they may become the next Percy someday but not Today. When a play broke down last year with poor blocking, Percy was able to break that first tackle, reverse field and create, we just don’t have that player this year, not yet at least, and so Addazio needs to recognize that, as much as he “hopes” that D/R/J will become Percy, they are not him and won’t be this season. They need to be the change of pace back, not the primary back. Let Tebow and Moody share that backfield, two guys that can lay a hit on you and Moody that can break 25 yarders fairly well. The defense won’t know which “bruiser” is going to come at them and they have to respect that either one is strong enough to get 8-20 yards each time. Right now with D/R/J, a defense can focus on Tebow and bring down D/R/J with relative ease with their standard package defense if they contain them within the first few yards which seems to be fairly constant at this point. Addazio needs to step back and bring some innovation to the table. The same old, same old will only create a loss in the SEC Championship game. Even if we put up big numbers over the next few weeks it should not be looked at as if we have solved anything because the defenses we play over the next month are not going to be that strong. Our current offensive playcalling against Bama or LSU in the SEC championship game is not going to cut it. GO GATORS…GET UP AND GO>>>>

  15. What do you mean that you haven’t heard any credit given to the Hogs?!?!? If you haven’t heard it, then you aren’t listnening. They are a really good team that is young. You said it best, your team should have won, but they didn’t. The Gators found a way to win this one. Plain and simple. Your team got hosed on one call, big deal. If you think the Gators only scored a TD because of one 15 Yd penalty then you are delusional or at least hoping. You have no idea what would have happened. The football gods smiled on you all day, then your team blew it.

    By the way, I just picked up Childs for my fantasy team. Mallet was already gone.

  16. I have said that over and over, Adozzio is doing a horrible job, James is a slot receiver, what has moody done to deserve this and i think because of his extra duty as OC, the o-line play is struggling. this is ridiculous and please let’s not sugar coat this with sickness or concussions or blah blah blah?? Adozzio and Myer need to stop putting it all on Tebow and spread it around! Tebow is not even checking down on his receivers and we are playing street ball!

  17. Tony is on the money to a point. I am beginning to question Addazio’s abilities to get it done. He coaches the O-line that gave up 6 sacks. The offense is terrible right now. So he takes the blame but He doesn’t drop wide open touchdown passes and doesn’t fumble 4 times. But he had better come up with some clever play calling or we will lose. I know the D didn’t play great last week but they didn’t play poorly either. Everything should not require the D to be perfect. And where did special teams go on both sides of the ball?

  18. GolfHog – you are right. Not enough credit is being given to your Hogs. However, I think it’s more the national media than it is Gator fans that aren’t giving you enough credit. Good luck the rest of the way.

    I do agree that Mallet is full of himself but it could just be his demeanor that rubbed me the wrong way.

  19. First to all, congratulations to Arkansas. They came to our house ready to play and we were not. The Gators won this game but pure heart, will power and experience…add a little bit of luck there too. I am growing tired of seeing my Gators play too conservative. Man, I really miss Dan Mullen. He was creative and risky as an offensive coordinator. He kept Meyer on check and Meyer trust him in his decisions. I cannot believe Florida kept running the same dive plays that worked against LSU. What a boring play calling. When are we going to start trusting our WR when our running game is stuffed? It is time to wake up the passing game and be FLORIDA know for it fun and gun rather than its run and stomp. What happened to the reversed, the flea flicker and thorwing the ball downfield by the sideline. We have speed, let’s use it. Nelson needs to get more involved as well as Cooper and what about our 3 freshmen WR? Meyer said after the game, that he will not give the ball to those players who can secure the ball in practice, does that mean he will run Tebow 27 to 30 times a game??? Tebow is still recovering from a nasty concussion. That’s not how I would treat a son after coming out of the hospital.
    I said it once and will say it once more, Let’s share the ball to everybody like we did last year and let’s trust in our play makers. And that includes giving the ball to Moody!!!
    GO Gators!!!

  20. I think Addazio’s playcalling is killing us. Our playbook this year seriously lacked creativity. I’m sick of seeing Chris Rainey try to run up the middle 10-15 times a game. What happened to options to the outside and getting out playmakers the ball in space on the perimeter? What happened to reverses and drags across the middle that utilized our receivers speed and elusivness? How about we go back to what worked and use Tim’s mobility to our advantage? Get him on the perimeter and let him pass while moving. Why are we going away from what has worked before? I think since Addazio is a o_line guy he wants to run the ball as much as possible. Our passing use to be much more volatile and creative. And since when have any of our three backs been better receivers than Omarius Hines, TJ Lawrence, and Frankie Hammond Jr. We keep hearing great things but never see them on the field…

  21. Nothing wrong with the D other than maybe reading a little too much press following the LSU game. Jenoris did not have a good game but he’s too solid to play that way again. My concern is more on offense, where we seem to be playing a little too tight. Off course, when you are running your 175lb tailback between the tackles on dive plays, you set yourself up for 3rd and long. My advice…STOP COACHING SCARED!!!

  22. Moody is an one of the best running backs in the SEC. We haven’t faced a better running back so far this year. He would be the MAN in the backfield at many of the top programs in the country. I can only imagine that down deep, he might think often about his decision in transferring to UF. Coach, just one series in the Red Zone might answer a lot of questions for a lot of fans.

  23. Mr. Golfhog, how many times does a team need to cough up the ball close to the red zone to make it fair for the Razhogs?

    I agree this game lack a lot of luster and the refs had a lot of missed as well as poor calls- both sides of the ball. If anything I would be more upset at my team than anything else. I know the gators are lacking in offence and I believe it has something to do with the Offense Coordinator or lack of.

    Getting back to my point, no matter how many the refs missed or poorly called, 4 turn overs my g-d they should of scored at least 14-17 points.

    That is something you should be discussing.

    Go Gators.

  24. Arkansas mplayed their tails off, and they DO deserve credit.

    Having said that, as good as Arkansas played, the Gators played awful. Frankly, the Gators should have won by more than 20. I count THREE blown TD’s and TWO missed FG’s.

    Mallett is a bit full of himself, but the guy can sure play. I just wonder if he will be a success in the NFL because of his ego.

    My, wouldn’t a LOT of sportswriters, broadcasters, and poll voters be thinking different if Tim had not fumbled on the 4 yard line in the Tennessee game (putting us up by 20 points and probably finishing the Vols for the day) and if we had scored those three missed TD’s against Arkansas. Put those points on the board, and the Gators are a solid #1 today. Interesting how the little things change perceptions SO much. Even the red tide think they are better than the Gators now.

  25. Meyer was saying before and after the game what a good team Arkansas is and so have many fans and announcers and others as well. I heard on ESPN how ARK was getting better week by week and be glad your playing them now versus later. If you don’t look for the positive you won’t find it.

  26. Moody has got to play more! He is our best back period. I would like to know why he is not getting the carries. Rainey is too small. Too many carries for no gain. Frankly this offense is a joke, dive, dive, tebow run. Too much waste of talent. Throw the damn ball. Arkansas proved what can happen when you challenge the secondary. Lets take some shots, then open up the run game with MOODY! go gators.

  27. My advise to some of you young gators. I remember when we used to win the big games and find a way to lose the games we were supposed win. Just enjoy the W’s. Ya’ll are just to young to apreciate the long suffering Gators. Relax…

  28. Everyone thats complaining about the Gators Squeaking by in some of these wins need to give it up. Percy and Louis are gone and we’ve lost Carl and our Freshman stand out (Andre Debose) for the season. I won’t lie i figured Deonte Thompson would step right in and FL wouldn’t miss a beat. Well thats not the case and we’ve had to lean on our running game alot more. which takes alot more time off the clock, so were not scoring touchdowns in 1 to 2 minute drives like all of last year. One thing thats true is we do miss Dan Mullen. Addazio deff needs to mix it up alittle more with the spread. Gotta give Arkansas some credit. They came into the swamp and played a hell of a game, BUT we still came away with the W. Which is all that matters in my book.

  29. FWIW, is already taken.
    He sort of makes me miss Dan Mullen, and I didn’t think that was possible.
    I kept wondering why we didn’t run outside, but when we finally did, it got us some big runs. Stop running the dive, Addazio!

    One more question: How did a line that gave up six sacks have four of the five of them grade out as champions?

  30. Yes Pat, you most definitely owe Charley Pell and his family an public apology. Ron Zook had nothing in common with Charley Pell, nothing. Urban Meyer has been more similar to Pell than Ron Zook, and Meyer was in a similar position of re-energizing a fan base. As far as this season goes, just let it play out. But I agree with the point that Florida had better figure some things out in the redzone or it will be a long 6 games.

  31. Lets take one game at a time ,in 2006 the Gators won a lot of very close games, what’s wrong with our offense ? FUMBLES, DROPPED PASSES ,that has something to do with it, what about Alabama’s offense, nobody has mention that they have only 2 offense td’s in the last 2 games.Let’s hope that we can to continue to win the BIG GAMES…..
    2006 Florida beats #1 undeafted Ohio St National Champions

    2008 Florida beats #1 undefeated Alabama, Florida Beats #1 undeafted Oklahoma

    2009 Florida beats #4 Lsu at Lsu to end their 32 game winning streak on Saturday nights LETS JUST TAKE ONE GAME AT A TIME

  32. Didn’t the Defense go to a 4-3 after Spikes was injured?

    If that is the case you cannot blame to Joker 3-3-5 on lsck of run support.

    The Offfensive play calling is an issue. I guess that is what happend when you put the O line coach in charge of calling plays.

    Injuries sure hurt the O line but they look really bad compared to the LSU game.

    Alabama will eat them alive.

  33. Losing Percy Harvin does not explain the impotence of our offense. Losing Dan Mullin does. Our red zone offense is beyond pathetic, and at the risk of being redundant MOODY MOODY MOODY. Demps and Rainy are great, but Moody can pound it when pounding is needed and nobody runs with more heart. Arkansas deserved to beat us, and deserve all the credit in the world. We did not deserve to win, and deserve shame and not celebration after the game. And say what you will about our D – they saved our a$$ again. If we play like that against Alabama we will have our heads handed to us.

  34. Whatever happened to the Gator wildcat? I don’t remember seeing it once this year. Maybe in the first two exhibition games? It was used with PH, try it again with the Tiny Tots or even #5. Maybe the defense will be confused and miss read his jersey for #15, ha. Urb talks about spreading the ball around and more touches for everyone except the mainstays every year but it will not appreciably increase for the others.
    Go Gators, Beat the Dawgs, 3-0 vs the West for the 1st time!

  35. We have a world class 100 meter track team (Rainey, James, Demps, Cooper) and can’t get them the ball on the outside in space? Where is Dan Mullen when you need him? Oops. On the other sideline. The problem is Adonzio’s play calling and it’s time Meyer took over the offense and brought back the bubble screen, the pick play, the regular screen, the flare pass (remember Percy taking a 3-yard pass in the backfield and going?) and the direct snap to Rainey, Demps or Moody.
    The offense has the best talent in the country and is totally boring and predictable. Look for Alabama to beat the Gators unless Meyer changes it up.

  36. How much of the defensive performance, or lack of performance, was due to the loss of Brandon Spikes early in the game? Missed tackles were a problem, but it looked like a lot of missed assignments, out of position defenders could be attributable to not having their field general. Spikes is almost as important to the D as Tebow is to the O. Let’s hope he is ok and that if he needs to rest (which he probably does) others step up. We need Brandon healthy in Atlanta.

  37. It is easy to be an armchair quarterback and I am certain Addazio and Meyer have their reasons but I must agree that the big question is why do the coaches not use Moody? Has anyone asked Meyer this recently?

  38. I tip my hat to all that Urban has accomplished, but it is hard to repeat as Nat’l Chasmps and real hard to get your team to focus after a HUGE road win against a Top-5 team. This was a game just like Ole Miss, and at the end of the season I think we will view it as a foregivable lapse. The defense was up-and-down, the offenense sputtered (and the play caling was iffy) and overall we did not play “with fire and enthusiasm (thank you, Vince Lombardi). This was a sloppy, unfocused performance by all involved, including the coaches. I hope we get our mojo back, and soon. FREE MOODY!

  39. I watched Coach Addazio work with the offensive line with a white board on the Gator bench several times during the game (which is exactly what an offensive line coach should do). However, he could not simultaneously review pictures of the pre-snap defensive formations and formulate effective offensive play calls for the next offensive series (which is exactly what an offensive coordinator should do). Despite all the assertions to the contrary by the coaching staff, he can’t do both.

  40. I agree with Wayne…you folks sound like a bunch of spoiled crybabbies who have no idea how good they have it. My second year at UF was a banner year, as we were 0-10-1 with tie coming against Army for Homecoming. In other words, I knew them when…

    I once asked the talk show host of WIP in Philly why they and the fans were “so” negative all the time, and his answer was that they cared so much. In that case Gator fans, stop caring so much….as you might drive Urban to Notre Dame and be looking at another Zookster dynasty.

  41. Has anyone noticed that both times that Urban has suggested the Gators were going to win games with Defense and Special Teams that within two weeks the Gators have either lost (Ole Miss, last year) or almost lost (Arkansas, this year)?

    While you may think that as a coach, you can’t say it! We are not Ohio St., and we have not mastered the “win by 3 points” technique. When the Gators are at their best, they are putting up 36-40+ points per game, and leading the game as front runners. Our record is only about 50% when the opposition scores first, versus well over 90% when we do. The moral of this story is we need to have an effective offense every week, not just against the patsies. That includes a passing attack, to go with the spread runs, and Tebow. If we’re not balanced offensively, eventually we are going to get beat!

  42. I’m agreeing with Tony…Dan Mullen gone? Offensive production and red zone TD’s gone? Don’t think it’s coincidence, b/c we haven’t dropped much on the talent level since last year….and YES, WHEN OH WHEN will we get more Moody? This is the guy to take some of the load off Tebow running so much…..Why doesn’t Meyer use more of him?

  43. Take away all of the fumbles and dropped passes this year, and nobody is bitching. The offense has moved the ball just fine, in fact I think we have more yards at this point than last year but, we keep shooting ourselves in the foot with turnovers and lack of execution. Shore up the miscues in the Tenn and Arky games, we win by 25 in both of them.

  44. The prolem is simple the wr are in the wrong spots.Tebow is great but he is making a couple of bad plays.With that being said I think after all the great things he has done he is going to have a little to much on him.The knew Oc is going to have some growing pains.I think he is trying to put to much of his own imprint on the play calls.We realy need to do more under center for one.Its realy not about what could be it is about what is and that is our staff and team are still getting the job done.I would love to see our O go out and beet teams down but to many tunovers are making the D live on the field.Every game they are fighting turnovers,injuries,and some poor play calls.Here is an idea use rainy in the slot some.That way jacobs can focus on what he is great at.Run some Iform under center.Stop calling every play out of shotgun and if we are going to be conservative use the huddle.I love what we do but we have to develope players for the next level.Let Tim make some of his own reads.he is a 4 year starter and I trust him.Remember it takes a little luck to win the big one.The D has brought it all year.We missed some takles ill bet this in any big game we wont the D will dominate and will win by double digits.Thank goodnes For our staff!GO GATORS