SEC East rewind


Gold star: Rich Brooks. Aye you kidding me? Three straight losses and the starting quarterback out and you beat Auburn on the plains? Give Brooks credit for getting his team ready to play when so many of us figured this would be a seal-clubbing. Brooks used two quarterbacks to get it done and Randall Cobb ran for 109 yards and the game-winning score. Amazing. Maybe I was right about Gene Chizik after all.

Silver star: Timmy Tebow. A bad day was saved for the Gators because Tebow was Tebow. He used his big speech Part II at halftime and then led the Gators to 20 second-half points. Tebow was at his best on the last two drives that produced 10 of those points and the win. Florida has some real issues but quarterback is not one of them.

Bronze star: A.J. Green. He is the best receiver in the SEC and Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo should have to sleep in UGA’s doghouse for not getting the ball to him more. Against Vandy. Green had three catches for 95 yards and took a short pass to the house from 65 yards out. He’s ridiculous.

No star: Vandy’s defense. The ‘Dores came in ranked 22nd in the country. They have no offense. So it was up to the defense to keep them in the game. Instead, they allowed an offense ranked 11th in the SEC to roll up 399 yards. Sounds like there might be a little quit in Nashville.

Quote: “Everybody is used to explosive, quick Florida. This year, we’re just a slower, grinding team. Every gain is not going to be a 60-yard takeoff and an 80-yard takeoff. Sometimes, it’s the 3- and 4-yard gains that win games.” — Florida left tackle Carl Johnson


  1. You say “outplayed” Golfhog? A team loses 4 fumbles and still walks away with the big “W” is outplayed? All the idiots with the CBS announcing crew could talk about was how many points the Hogs “left on the field” Cmon Florida left way more out there! I believe the hogs only capitalized off of one of those fumbles! but still they “outplayed” us! Whatever man! the Hogs played a good game I do give them credit… they just can’t match up with Florida… it’s like a handicap race where a known slower opponent is given a head start… Arkansas is a four fumble underdog compared to the Gators! hence 20-23

  2. First off deff give credit to Kentucky for pulling out a major upset against Auburn. Wow i deff didn’t see that coming. Let’s move on to the Florida game. Obviously this is a different Florida team then last year. It shouldn’t matter if they come away with the win then that’s end of story. Yes we made alot of mistakes. (6 sacks, 4 fumbles to coming deep in the redzone, and to top it off a dropped wide open touchdown that could’ve rocked the swamp.) Don’t forget that the Gators we with out Spikes for the last 3 quarters. Imagine if the 2006 team would’ve be without Brandon Siler. Exactly. Those 2 are the reason why Florida has had such great Defense since Urban’s arrival. One more thing. The polls are bullshit and there’s no way Florida should be 2 in the AP. Even though it doesn’t matter cause as long as were sittin 1 in the BCS i could give to shits. It just the fact that we’ve been pre-season 1 with no lose. All of Alabama’s wins haven’t been all that impressive. They only put up 20 pts last game, and they haven’t had key injuries on either side of the ball.

  3. Top 5 things UF might Consider:

    1. Get away from the 5 wide; they don’t have 5 WR’s
    2. Use a fullback to give Tebow more time
    3. Stop running Demps between the tackles
    4. Run Moody the first three quarters then sick Demps speed on the Competition in the fourth.
    5. Scrap the “Joker Package”; it’s a joke to OC’s.