Latest on Timmy


It is rainy here in Baton Rouge. Slight drizzle. Just enough to be annoying. Fans are still heading over to the yard nine hours before kickoff. This isn’t a game as much as it’s a party.

A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) talked to a defensive player (who shall remain nameless) at the team hotel (which shall remain nameless) last night and he said Tim Tebow is 100 percent playing. How’s that for sourcing? If I worked for ESPN it would be on your crawl right now.

He still has a ways to go to be cleared but it looks Tebow will be cleared. The question is whether he’ll play. Should be interesting.


  1. Thanks for the update, Mr. Dooley. I have to confess that I’m at the point where I’m thinking it might be better if Timmy doesn’t play, apart from protecting his health (which, of course, is the most important consideration). If he’s a not a realistic threat to run, it seems like the offense would really be hampered. Of course, knowing Tebow, he may take off running despite doctor’s orders, but that’s going to not only put him at risk, but make Urban and the program look bad on national television because he obviously shouldn’t be running this week. Part of me is hoping that the Gators are fooling everyone and that John Brantley will come out and open up the passing game from the gitgo.

  2. I’m so sick of all this Tebow talk?? will he play? If it was up to him of coarse he would. This is coming from a die hard Gator fan since the day I was brought into this world. I listened to you on the radio yesterday and I’m glad your showing alittle faith in John Brantley. What Gator Nation has to remember is We’ve always won National Championships with great defense. If Brantley can come through with 14 points and a couple long drives for field goals trust me when I say Brandon Spikes and the crew will win this game for us. Tebow needs to think about his career after Florida which is extremely hard for me to say.

  3. I am up to my eyes with Timmy. he is just and only just a Student who playes football he is not a goid, he is not a hero he is not a savior. he is a college kid no more no less. Yet gainsville looks at Tim Tebow as is he is a god. well the bible forbids placeing ang god before the real God in Heaven. Bible forbids worshiping faulse Idols. Gainesville Florida and North Florida Grow up and act your ages.

  4. Are we not fortunate for the young people today to have such a fine role model? He makes Bible Verses “cool”. He is humble and caring for others. He works as hard as he can, proving that these old fashioned values still work. More power to him and I hope the who, that Tim Tebow is, rubs off on many others of his generation. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if he touched some of other generations, as well.