Timmy terrific


Here is what everyone has to understand about Tim Tebow’s situation. There is a plan that Florida is following, a plan designed by smart people who work with head injuries.

Tebow has to be cleared, then cleared, then cleared again. If he wakes up on game day with a headache, he’s out. Every day will be a process for Tebow because Florida is not going to take a chance with him or ANY OTHER FLORIDA PLAYER!

I texted Urban at 12:30 and he said Tebow has not been cleared to practice Wednesday but he expected him to be shortly. We will see what happens, but the genius writers who have declared themselves authorities and issued proclamations about how Tebow shouldn’t play just don’t get it.

Florida is not going to play him unless he is 100 percent recovered. As Meyer said Wednesday, if there is one hint of a symptom he will not play.


  1. Exactly, Pat! This is how it should be.

    Tim has sacrificed plenty for the program and for the school and deserves to be protected, not simply used.

    That said, he’s such a competitor that I wonder if he’d really report a headache if he knew it would keep him from competing on Saturday.

  2. As I tweeted you earlier this week, I have followed you since you have been with the sun. Great work….Objective, honest and concise.
    Keep us the good work.
    Sonny Scaff
    County Judge
    Hamilton County
    Jasper, Florida
    Home of ALEX BROWN and DUSTIN DOE…..

  3. I’ve missed your column. Glad you are back. You are my #1 favorite Gator sports writer and have been since Ron Zook and your article “this is what we have, 5 losses per year, a # 27 AP ranking, and the outback Bowl.” I still have the article!!

  4. What you are saying may be true about not playing if there are still any symptoms,but Tim has played in the past with injuries he didn’t divulge to the coaches until later.Do we think he might not be totally truthful about any headaches he might be having?

  5. Of course we want Tim to be well so he can play but we cannot expect him to risk anything at all. As I have stated before…
    WE ARE THE GATORS!! We can beat LSU. We have all the other wonderful Gators playing for us. Look how well they did when most of them were sick. WE ARE THE GATORS!! GO GET ‘EM GATORS!

  6. You can’t keep a GOOD MAN down so i fully expect him to be diving for extra yardage and giving his all to move the chains on saturday nite. He is unlike any other GATOR that i have seen since i started following florida football in 1973(when i was 10 years old). There will NEVER be another like him in any GATOR sport due to his dedication,will to win,passion,perseverance,work ethic,etc.etc. It will be VERY,VERY DIFFICULT to keep that VETERAN out of the starting lineup…..GO GATORS!!!

  7. This Gator Football Team has often been referred to as one of the best ever. Going to LSU and winning without Timmy having to play will prove that this team is truly great. This is what John has prepared for and this is what a great team does….step up and take care of each other when needed. The great thing about a big family is that when your son needs a breather, all of his brothers pick it up! This team is a family and I think we will see how powerful family is on Saturday night. Tim, rest well for another week. We’ve got you covered. God is great, all the time!

  8. Pat,

    Just wanted to say hi..Try to keep with your columns up here in Atlanta–deep in the heart of enemy territory…

    Hope the golf tournament was a success..Glad that we were able to help..

    Let’s hope for a good night tomorrow in Baton Rouge..Counting on the D to step up big tomorrow…



  9. Even if TT is cleared to play- I wouldnt chance it at this time because if he took one hard knock, (when bulling as he does),then we have probably lost him for the season. Brantly has been here 3 years. He knows it all, and is a better passer than Tim. With our deep threats back, and use Moody as the bull that he can be – We can win. TT can be the morale builder on the sidelines. ( We havent even mentioned our D)