Check these numbers


You take a few days off and you start cyphering as Jethro Bodine would say.

I was curious about Urban Meye’rs 48-9 start as the Florida coach. In his first 57 games, Steve Spurrier went 46-11. What does that mean? It means the Gator Nation has been lucky to have two coaches like that. Ray Graves, probably the third best coach (let’s not get into the whole Charlie Bachman debate) went 38-19-2  in his first 57 games.

Here’s another stat for you; Meyer and Les Miles came into the league at the same time. Meyer is 26-8 in SEC games while Miles is 25-10.

Yeah, I’m big into numbers.

I’ve got some more in my Tuesday column.


  1. Mr. Drysdale,” Jed, got up at 4am to go fishing.”

    Jed turns to Jethro and says to Drysdale, “yea, Jethro slep in to”

    No bigger Jethro fan than me.

    Let’s go shoot some golf, I’m a double naught spy, uncle Jed take me to marine land, granny is right, I should look in to joining the marines…..

  2. Hey Dooley,

    Missed ya, glad to read something of yours. I’m always
    eager to read or hear your viewpoints on the Gators or college
    football. You keep it honest and I like that. I also likeThe Pat Dooley Show. Thanks for doing that Dr. Football.

  3. Where the heck have you been Pat? I was hoping to get a little more info on Timmy’s condition all last week from the Sun but, you and Andreu were nowhere to be found. Then to add insult to injury, ESPN scooped yesterday with the Meyer interview on his condition. I need my hometown guys to pick up the slack. Let’s go Dooley.

  4. Pat, with all due respect man, we don’t need numbers right now, we want to know how is our hero Tim Tebow doing? I believe LSU is overrated, but with history on their side and our QB dinged up, it is hard not to be concerned (not worried)about the game. Putting Brantley in that kind of environment is worst than testing gold into fire. I am trully hoping Tebow gets clear by tomorrow (Wed) so he can have at least 2 days to prepared for the Saturday game. LSU fans are the worst in the SEC, arrogant, classless and malintentioned, just one notch below the FSU fans. The have revenge on their blood after Spikes’ kick (that was brilliant in my opinion). I believe Spikes did that for all the trash they talked about Tebow’s mom during the 2007 game. I hope my boy Spikes has another pick and would shows us again his punting abilites once more…why not, after all the harrasment Cooper and Brantley are getting at their cell phones this year…
    Well Pat, I cannot wait for your new Swampcast. Take care my brother and sisters from Gator Nation. Get Well Soon Tim!
    GO GATORS!…on to the goal we fight our way for Florida!

  5. Hey Pat,
    Since you’re talking numbers and I’ve been hearing a ton about LSU’s Saturday night home game stats, how do you compare LSU’s Saturday night home game record vs. Meyer’s record when he has the extra BYE week to prepare?

  6. Pat,
    I think regardless if Tim Tebow plays or not. John Brantley has sat under Tebow for 3 years. He knows Florida’s system better than any other back up in the SEC. If u ask me we have the third best quarterback in the SEC ridding the bench waiting and wishing for the oppurtunity to get some playing time. Don’t get me wrong LSU is a great program that’s had alot of success, but the way their offense has played in the first 5 games shows their no match for the great GATOR DEFENSE of 2009.

    Austin Hornsby