The Back Nine: Florida-Tennessee fallout


The Back Nine comes to you after a great weekend that included Sister Hazel (with an assist from Stan Lynch), a Gator win over a rival and an NFL Sunday that showed a lot about the quarterbacks in the league.

Another moral victory?
Another moral victory?

1. So this is it Tennessee? This is where you are as a program? You lose by 10, never threaten to win the game and you’re singing “Rocky Top” all the way home? Hey Vol fans, if the game had unfolded the same way and Phillip Fulmer was your coach, how would you feel? You’d be ripping him for conservative play-calling. This is the quote that was the stunner from Lanie Kiffin: “We probably could have kept (the score) closer if I had been even more conservative, but we took some shots and things got away from us a little bit.” What shots? Did he see the same game I did? Tennessee did not come to Gainesville to win but to not be embarrassed and go home talking about a moral victory.

2. But the game did show something. It showed that all summer when I was on radio shows around the country telling people Florida had a major issue at wide receiver and the Gators might not be a shoo-in for the national title game because of that and they all scoffed at me, well, I was right. Now, suddenly, everybody sees what I was talking about. But now that they see it, they discovered it. Dude, it has been there all along.

3. And let’s not get carried away. Tennessee is 1-2. They probably will finish 7-5, and to do that the Vols can only lose three more games with at least five games left on the schedule where they will be underdogs. And they have no quarterback. Did you notice?

4. Don’t be too quick to jump on the Miami and FSU are back bandwagons either. Big wins for both, but these are still flawed teams. Miami beats VaTech and I believe. And it’s not out of the realm of possibility the ‘Canes could play for the national title. I picked FSU to win at Brigham Young, but even I was surprised at the score. It just goes to show that my college football mantra is dead-on — every game is its own game. It doesn’t matter what you did the week before against Jacksonville State or what you did against Oklahoma. Repeat after me, “Every game is its own game.” Good. Now you can have dessert.

5. Hmmm, Southern Cal lost to a mediocre Pac-10 team and ruined its shot at a national championship. Uh, haven’t we already seen this movie, honey? That’s four Pac-10 losses since losing to Texas in the national title game. Is it time for everyone to back up and look at Pete Carroll and admit he’s not the greatest coach in America?

6. The SEC West has three of the top seven teams in America according to the pollsters. Combined, they have one significant win. OK, two if you’re looking at Washington differently. It’s going to be a crazy October-November in that division and somebody is going to be really disappointed. I don’t know how good Ole Miss is, but I know the Rebels are overrated in the polls.

7. Hey, Jaguar defense. Kurt Warner just completed another pass.

8. And how’s that whole thing working out, passing on Percy Harvin who has played two games and has two touchdowns? And dumping Mike Peterson? You guys will probably screw up the whole Tim Tebow thing. Although I will say this — that was the biggest non-story ever.

9. One last thing and then I’m over Florida-Tennessee. The no-call on the intentional grounding on third down on Tennessee’s last drive was either the worst call ever or there is some rule I’m not aware of. I asked Urban Meyer about it and he said he was told Jonathan Crompton was out of the pocket when he sailed the ball out of bounds. Go back and look at the replay. He was about as much in the middle of the pocket as a person can be. That said, you guys need to get off the refs for flagging Jaye Howard and not Chris Walker. What Howard did (rolling his arms) was premeditated. Walker’s chest thump was not. Now, is it a stupid rule enforced by brain-dead officials who judge the actions of college kids as if they were American Idol contestants? Absolutely.

Bonus hole — 10. Highlight of a great weekend was either Drew Copeland giving me a shout-out on stage or the boys singing “American Girl” with Lynch playing drums.

Sudden death hole — 11. Or seeing Jerry Jones lose.

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  1. No, I don’t think you were right this summer. UF receiving corps looks a lot different with a healthy Debose, Thompson and Carl Moore, not to mention a healthy Cooper and Hernandez at TE. Particularly with the speed of Thompson and Debose out of the line-up, this takes away the vertical passing game, since only Cooper remains as a legit deep threat (and we learned after the Tenn game that he was injured). Moreover, UF did not try to go deep or rely upon the passing game because they knew that Tenn was not trying to win the game. By Meyer’s own account, he may have been a bit too conservative because of the way Tenn was playing. When you made the comments this summer, nobody knew that UF would be playing without their two fastest receivers in the Tenn game. You may end up being right, but we could have said the same thing last year if UF had to play without both Harvin and Murphy.

  2. Pat,

    Did not understand the call on Jaye Howard. How is what he did unsportsmanlike if he did not directly taunt or make an obscene gesture toward the opposition? As I saw it, he made a quick movement to celebrate a great defensive play. The same thing that the UT lineman did after sacking Tebow. Referees, both NCAA & NFL are forced to make too many calls that require split-second determination of a player’s intent. Nothing wrong with injecting a little common sense when applying the rules and letting the players determine the outcome.

  3. The “set-up” for Jaye Howard’s personal foul was actually an adverse interaction between the linesman who made that call and Tim Tebow just prior to Florida’s last touchdown. Tim after being tackled on about the 10 or 12 yard line of Tennessee flipped the ball to a Tennessee defender. The linesman attempted to counsel Tim, but could not get his attention and therefore asked the referree to do so as Tim returned to the huddle. The counseling attempt appeared, from a distance, half hearted. On the very next play, Tim, once again ran the ball to the side of the field of that linesman and after arising from the tackle, in a hard underhand fashion threw the ball in the direction of that linesman. He could not handle the toss anf after the side judge retrieved the ball, with the ball already set at the line of scrimmage, that linesman pointed to his own chest in the direction of and with the attention of the side judge, as if to say “I got him”. Of course, that dialogue is not available to corroborate, but I believe this “primed” that linesman to look more discrimantely at Florida’s play and it was he who called that Jaye Howard personal foul when it occured at such a distance, not being called by the referee who was the most proximate official to Jaye Howard’s demonstration.

  4. Yes, if we had only listened to the Great One, we would all have known that the Gators were going have problems at wide receiver….never mind the fifty other predictions you made that didn’t come true. I’ve been watching college football in general and the Gators in particular for a good while now, and let me tell you how it is: nobody knows. The Gators have an inexperienced receiver corps this year, so the popular prediction is that Florida is going to have trouble there, and maybe they will. But, nobody really knows. I remember a worse situation one year under Spurrier, and suddently a young man named Jabar Gaffney emerged, and the wide receiver problem got a whole lot better in a hurry. Last year at this time the Gators had big trouble stopping the run, and their offense looked unimaginative and two dimensional (as in Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow), and at the end of the season, well, you know. That’s what fun about college football, you never know; but the Gators are getting to the point where they have a shot at the brass ring every season. Who can ask for more than that? So, I’m happy for you and your omniscience; I myself am glad to watch and see how it all turns out, and the Gators are in pretty good shape at this point.

  5. Good insights.
    What about the early face mask on James? TN #25 grabbed that thing like a overhead subway handle, yanked our boy down and could have seriously hurt him. That was just dirty football for everyone to see. Why do you think the ref didn’t throw him out of the game?

  6. As John Madden used to say, the closer your are to the ball at the snap, the more important you are to the outcome of the game. Our WRs maybe a little down, but these are problems that the staff can work with throughout the season and continue to win important ballgames.

  7. Pat – I am very impressed with yours and Bobbie’s college football knowledge and wanted to tell you that I like to read your columns and watch your clips. They are so informative! I remember you calling the FSU vs BYU predicting that FSU would win. You were right on! It is so good to have Dr. Football covering Gator Football.
    I have a question for you since you have also being right about the WR postion at UF and it showed so obvious last Saturday vs UT. Do you think our young WR, Frankie Hammond, T.J. Lawrence and Omarius Hines will get developed in time before it is too late and we might stumble against a strong SEC defense based on your knowledge of Coach Urban Meyer’s conservative play calling at times?

  8. Enjoyed the column as usual Pat. One question though: How the heck can you know that Howard’s actions were premeditated and Walker’s were not? I know you’re good, but I didn’t you know you could read minds. Let’s just all agree that they should either both be penalties or that neither should be penalties, shall we?

  9. I object your honor. How can you say that Howards hand gesture was premeditated? He knew he was going to tackle the runner behind the line and then get up and do the false start hand motion? Wow, can he predict next weeks score better than the odds makers did? Did you happen to see the quick flash when I believe it was Eric Berry running off the field and did the gator chomp? Where was that flag? I know they are going to get calls wrong but lets be a little less one sided.

  10. Too many sports writers aren’t even talking about the fact that FL is 3-0, #1, has one great QB, or that they’re 5-0 against UT in Urban’s tenure. All they want to discuss is the fact that UT didn’t get blown out, and thus they must have had a victory of some sort. One thing I’ve learned about the Urban Meyer regime is that they are too professional to get concerned about trying to force any issues. I actually expected this game to be played close-to-the-vest. And I don’t think they can when 7 games in the regular season. Everyone should just remember that nobody will care that this game was close after this coming weekend. BTW – I’m not too concerned about our WR’s. Sure, we don’t have the talent we did, but the freshmen will pick it up (just like Demps and Rainey did last year a few games into the season) and everything will be OK. Maybe not score the points like last year, but our offense will still be solid enough to get the job done.

  11. I sort of get the impression Coach Meyer is hung-up on this whole “Percy position” thing.

    With the loses and problems at WR, why not put Demps out wide opposite Cooper and make Moody the # 1 TB? All of a sudden the defense cannot walk up safeties and is reluctant to corner blitz, and you have a fast-enough TB who finishes his runs with the same gusto as Tebow. I’ll settle for a strong 5 to 6 yards per carry, taking some pressure off Tebow to always pick up the tough yards, and putting real fear of a deep threat back into the opposing defense.

  12. One more thing about Jaye Howard. As you look at the replay, notice the coaches are ballistic early and teammates are trying to get him to stop. He was coached not to do it. The coaches recognized it as risky immediately. They weren’t workng the officials over it.

  13. Two Weeks and All Will Be Known about Our Wide Receivers

    When you have to deal with more then the usual amount of illnesses/injuries, you can not get a good read on how this group of receivers will perform in the meaningful games left on their schedule. Kentucky is maybe a little better or worse than Tennessee depending on the day of the week thus the results should be no worse for Florida then the Tennessee game, even in the bluegrass state. Thus it comes down to how they perform against LSU. Remember that Louis Murphy’s stock grew as last season went along and more so now that he is with the Okland Raiders. This time last year the wide receivers, including Murphy, were also a concern as most looked at Florida as Percy and… the unknown. Riley Cooper is playing better as a receiver this year, David Nelson still has room for improvement (a game or two does not make a career), Thompson has the speed but has yet to prove he can actually catch the ball with any consistency, and finally we have Brandon James who has made the best catch of the year, against Troy, and almost made a better one in the end zone against Tennessee but lost control after a huge hit. As a group the word “potential” still best describes them, at least until after the LSU game. Go Gators

  14. I have been watching Gator football for over 40 years. I have always pointed to my friends that the Gators almost always get flagged for the Jaye Howard type show. Our players need to understand that the Gators are and have always been treated this way. Just make the play, we know how great it was and will appreciate it.

  15. Pat, great article…I’m actually glad to hear someone (that watched the game) in the media…say that it wasn’t really close….because the game was never really in jeopardy for UF. TN goes get some credit for what they did. However, I have to agree with everyone…about the personal call…it was a TERRIBLE…so what if players are excited after a play. As long as they aren’t in other players faces…I think that it’s good for the game. You can’t call it on one player and not another.

    Florida just has to stop turning the ball over and tackle better.

  16. Pat,
    You need to stop writing and thinking as a Gator fan and learn to be a little more objective. The fact is we are in year one of King Kiffin’s reign. Imagine what happens in year two when his team is use to his system. Monte Kiffin is going to run Urban Crier out of the SEC. The spread attack will be exposed next season in Knoxville. Keep talking big talk!

  17. I have been reading the blogs out of Knoxville and found some crazy remarks by their fans. One of them said Florida had an average defense. What!! They held the Vols to 210 total yards. I will put Charlie Strong against Monte Kiffin any day of the week. They were also slamming Coach Meyer for bring up the flu problem with our players. What a bunch of losers. I’m sure Lane will not last two years.

  18. classic dooley, criticize the west, mention their one quality win, and how overrated ole miss is but don’t mention that alabama has that victory and that both si and espn have said that the tide look like one of the best teams in the nation easily and they’ve proven it thus far and you totally ignore it. quality work dooley, i can always count on your for a homer article

  19. Dooley… What a homer… TN took two shots with a terrible QB and it burned them, so what’s the problem with Lane or it Lanie as you called him. OOPS, sorry are you sensitive too, going to pay us back gator nation for a lack of respect next year… We just can’t learn, can’t get it right. Maybe you (Dooley) can send us a lexicon in Knoxville on how to say things in a way that reflects best on Lord Urban and his little minions. Oh, and thanks for letting me know how good it felt for UT to keep the game close… I didn’t know we felt that way, but your stupid remarks make even this believable to gullible Gainesville. See you next year… No more Tebow to hide behind, Steve B

  20. Pat, I was checking out the UT official game record on-line today and instead of a “W” or an “L” along with the score next to Sept 19, they had a “MV”. I guess they’re counting “moral victories” up there now. All I can say is that I hope they have many more this year!

  21. I think people are reading way too much into the outcome of the Fla vs Tenn game. You take away Brandon James’ punt return TD last year and the final score is 23-6. Not much different than Saturday’s outcome 23-13. I agree with you when you say if Fulmer was the coach on Saturday they’d be ready to run him out of town but if Lane Kiffen plays not to get blown out then he’s this “brilliant coaching mind.” In fact this whole idea that “the result on Saturday (5th straight win against the Vol’s, Gators now lead the series, Gators now have 13 game win streak) was some kind of victory for the Vol’s” is nothing more than the evil manifestations of Lane Kiffin himself wanting people to think that something really special happened from that game when it didn’t. Unfortunately, the Vol’s fans and even some poor recruit or two are going to believe in Kiffin’s smoke and mirrors version of reality. Think about these two things for a minute. One: Texas beat Texas Tech 34-24 which was also a 10 point differential which to me was a game with the higher revenge factor due to last year’s game and what it did to Texas. Colt McCoy didn’t have a great day either. No one is talking about that game in the same way though. Two: So far this year Oklahoma, Southern Cal, BYU, and Oklahoma State have all lost. What the Gators did was play a HARD-NOSED game, made some mistakes, had some players with issues, and BEAT a team that had been preparing for this one game for 9 months. Kiffin is trying to milk this loss for all it’s worth though because the further he gets into the season and away from this game the more the luster is going to wear off for him. Let’s see how important this game really is for the Vols when Auburn, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi line up across the field from Tennessee. Welcome to the SEC Lane. Suddenly 7-5 with a LOSS TO FLORIDA doesn’t sound so promising. I am also issuing a warning TO EVERYONE IN GATOR NATION that WE MUST NOT let this influence affect our ability to RECOGNIZE that we are STILL #1 in the country and WE WON THE GAME…HELLO! The Fla coaching staff WILL evolve just like they did in 2006 and last year. There WILL BE players that will emerge for the Gators. This team will improve as the season rolls along! I for one just don’t want to let Lane Kiffin SUBDUE AND DIMINISH what was a BIG and IMPORTANT WIN for the GATORS which is exactly what he is trying to do. If you don’t think wins like this are special, just ask Pete Carroll. This is what it means , Gator Nation, to go through the season defending the national championship and working very hard to make it to another one. There will be more games like this and we must be able to handle it like we’ve been there before. We WILL CELEBRATE BIG WINS like this one and continue to support the coaching staff and the players!!! This is very important for the strenght of the whole program! Now repeat after me. “I will not let Lane Kiffin diminish the Gators glorious victory and I will no longer allow myself to be influenced by his deception that it was not a glorious victory.” On to Lexington! GO GATORS!!!

  22. Well, from my vantage point four thousand miles away, the Gators looked sloppy, and undiciplined. I thought the game was in doubt, but never because of lack of talent. Fumbles, poor tackling, stupid penalties, and bad luck can turn a game fast. duh. It looked very similar to the Ole Miss game last year.

  23. The way I see it,Lame duck Kiffin has about 4 or 5 more tough games against SEC opponents.And it’s not going to look good at the end for Kiffin.Auburn is much better so far this year,I believe Georgia can handle themselves well,’Bama and Nick Saban has a score to settle with the Kiffer,as does Spurrier,and ‘Ol Miss and the Cats will give UT fits.The Vols will only win 2 or 3 more games at the most.And I hope those 2 or 3 could be upsets.
    I don’t see Kiffin lasting much longer in the SEC either.Is he going to shout moral victory at the end of those games ahead?HE’s better off keeping his BIG MOUTH shut!!As the old saying goes,”Silence is Golden”.SEC,STOMP THE VOLS!!!!!

  24. Pat–
    Regarding the intentional grounding non-call, I saw the play “live and have watched the replay twice, but without the benefit of careful analysis. Here is the way I saw it. Crompton escaped a tackle, took two full steps while untouched and then fired the ball out of bounds, but past the line of scrimmage (I think.) That doesn’t sound like intentional grounding. He definitely got rid of the ball, but there was no one hanging on him nor had their been for two steps, when it released the ball. What am I missing?

  25. Pat,
    Maybe you should read Jeff Schultz column in today’s
    Your reality check will come in play real soon next year. I come to every Gator game(season tickets) and the level of sportsmanship is always different when your at the top.

  26. re the ref calls or non calls

    Its all about expectations isn’t it ?
    In the back of everyone”s mind is the expectation of a gator blowout and the need to keep the bloodletting at a minium.Whereas the non call was a result of letting the little guy( tennessee ) have a little fun

  27. I wonder how long Lane will be married given he trashes her beloved Gators so much. I think she will eventually make gator bait out of him…. I certainly hope so, she, like all gators needs to be free….especially of the type guy that Lane appears to be. Large mouth b-ass doesn’t do well vs GATOR – Chomp Chomp….

  28. Here is a thought: why not playing Will Hill as a WR. He was listed as an athlete and he was a QB/WR/FS in high school. Utilizing his skills in offense alas Ted Ginn Jr. could help us with the depth issue at WR. Also, Joe Haden has some great hands too, so why not experimenting a little bit with some of the strong players to improve certain areas that are thin in the depth chart…again, just a thought…Go Gators!!!

  29. I must admit, let’s see what Urban Myer is all about when Tebow is gone.

    Come on guys, Myer came in with the spread and low and behold inherited the greatest QB that could run the spread in the whole, wide world.

    Dude, let’s get real here.

    I know Urban is a top flight coach, but he walked in to the best scneario in the history of college football, the scneario is named Tim Tebow.

    The kitty will win the SEC soon, just like Urban Myer. Why? Money, Tenn. came up big, not b.c of the Kitty, but the whole package.

    The Kitty will win it after Saban has had his turn, Myer will show back up in 4 or so .b.c of Florida talent, year in year out.

  30. I. Anytime during the game, quarterback A10, who is not outside the
    tackle box and is attempting to save yardage, intentionally throws
    a desperation forward pass that falls incomplete where no eligible
    Team A player has a reasonable opportunity to catch it. RULING:
    Intentional grounding. Penalty—Loss of down at the spot of the foul.
    The clock starts on the snap (Rule 3-3-2-d-4).

  31. I don’t think the outcome was ever in doubt. Sure, Tenn played a good game by their standards but who won? I listened to a Vol station on my way home to see what their attitude was. They were estatic! So, we had a win/win situation, their happy we should be happy so let’s do it again next year. They are truly morons loving a moral victory…for what? Everybody knows we need to play more football to find out what’s going to happen, it’s way too early. The Gators have the best coaches and they are proven. No matter how you look at it, Meyer is 5-0 against Tenn. I only care about Kentucky right now.

  32. Several comments: 1. Pat, they don’t have “Homers” in Knoxville – they import writers because you must know how to write. 2. Urban won the NC with another QB in 06. He’ll do it with many more. Vol fans only wish their boy Peyton could have accomplished what “Superman” has. 3. Glad Vols don’t like Urban – hard to like someone who kicks your butt every year! 4. We won the game and someone else has a coach that settles for “moral victories”. 5. We’ll still get better talent, despite the attempts of a coach to use propaganda to attract recruits – UF or UT? Not a hard choice for the winners? 6. Where was Nukeese Richardson? Wasn’t he promised to play defense right away?

  33. Dooley, I think your statement that UT didn’t come to win the game is over the top and absurd analysis. Yes, it’s your opinion. but that’s insulting to coasches, boosters, fans, and most of all, the Tennessee players. To assert that either the players came into to the game with such a mindset or that they were just too plain ignorant to recognize such a gameplan by their coaches is ridiculous. And yes, I think the fact that Coach Meyer would insinuate such a gameplan from UT demonstrates the arrogance that has come to define him.

  34. Pat,

    Relax man the Gators will be fine. We have the best coaching staff in college football. Recievers will be discovered. I agree we dont have a Percy Harvin anymore but someone will step up. As for the uninformed guy who said that Meyer is only winning because of Tebow, well he needs to go back to 2006 and check the roster on that particular national champion. Florida has won all of it’s important games for one reason “Great defense” we still have a great defense. As for Lane Kiffin; he has not proven one thing as a coach. He deserves no credit what so ever. He has lost two out of three games so far. The one he won couldn’t play with Vandebilt. This guy is a loser, always has been a loser and he needs to shut up and quit talking smack to Meyer (a proven head coach) If I was Meyer and he is to classy to do this, I would tell Kiffin to hump someone elses leg for a while. The Vols played their hearts out last Saturday and you hide and watch they are going to lose a lot of games this year because of that.I guarantee you they played above their heads because Kiffin did not want to be embarased, that is why they played not to win. Meyer was right when he said that. Alabama if they play Florida at the SECCG will be hard to beat unless we get a reciever to step up. I beleive however that a lot of teams will play defense against us like Tenn did. Remember how Nebraska played us in 95 and then everyone started doing it, hide and watch everyone will play us like that. I am not sure Tebow had time to throw down feild in that game. And last; we need a real running back! Moody seems to be that guy but we don’t use him. I could tackle Rainey and Demps. They are complimentary backs (ala Mercury Morris)

  35. Haw haw haw! Lane Kiffen is SO in gator heads and under your skin! And Pat Dooley – here is a guy that thinks a whole lot of himself! Pat – Lane is all IN that head!

    You cannot get over it huh?

    I’m no Vol, but…..Pat is right; Vols fans would be ripping Fulmer – but not to the extent and baseness that Mr. Dooley would, and did for years. Mr. Dooley always loved trash-talk when it came from the mouth of Spurrier. Is this a newfound maturity? Evidently not. Mr. Dooley, who likes to brag on himself, usually the sophomoric ‘I was right nyah nyah nyah.’ and write as a a college age fan, appealing to the basest UF fan convictions in the manner I recall from gradeschool playgrounds – is completely wrong, though he tries to sneak it by as a fact, that UT came not to win, and is satisfied with a moral victory. Some fans probably thought that way. The Vols came to win and went toe to toe. Ask the players. America saw it.

    I never thought I’d see Meyer making excuses for winning – ‘UT just tried to keep us from embarrassing them, didn’t want to win…..we all had flu, and everything else….and the pressure is so much, it’s so hot in my kitchen…..blah, blah’ Haw!

    This after he vowed to not disparage fellow SEC coaches.

    What a big man.

    And Mr. D can say it wasn’t close…..hahahaha….but with 2:00 to go the stadium was STILL full of gators with a 12 angstom pucker factor sweating it out in the stands. I watched it with my gator buddies and you better believe they were nervous wrecks till the very end. They also had a newfound respect for those they had dissed for 3/4ths of a year. But they are grown men and former college players. So much for revisionist history. You see, they, like the whole gator nation, particularly the media, had run their mouths all year about blowouts, hanging 100, saving time outs to rub noses in it, Kiffin’s a punk (but Spurrier was a saint!) – very typical classy gator stuff.

    What the nation saw was UT pop their faces all game – with vastly inferior talent – dang, that Crompton couldn’t hit a tent – from the inside. Mr. Dooley can trash-talk with the best of collegians, but anyone witnessing the postgame handshakes, hugs and talking of players saw a profound mutual respect.

    There was a reason.

  36. All of us in Gator Land need to wake up and realize that without Tebow we suck. Superman carried that team to victory on his shoulders. If you think we’ll beat that vol group next year, you are crazy. Tebow will be gone, Meyer will go to ND, and WE WILL BE THE TEAM REBUILDING. It was a win but it shows our weaknesses and they are more than wide receiver. Tebow is our offense, and there is not a replacement for him.

  37. GatorFan and others,

    Of course there is replacing Tebow. You don’t replace him with someone else just like him, but some people react to Tebow’s eventual departure as if Florida will trot out 10 players on offense next season.

    Meyer is a good coach, and he schemes based upon the talent that he has. Will the offense be exactly the same? Of course not. Will our QB lower his shoulder and and knock one of the best defensive players in the country backwards 5 yards? Nope. But we might end up with a WB who releases the ball quicker and has better down field vision. We might have a passing game that actualy keeps teams from loading the box with 8 and sometimes 9 players because they will have to defend the pass.

    The key to success is recruiting good talent and then developing that talent in a workable system.

  38. Talking about being under someone’s skin – Urban has been all through the Vols for 5 straight years! By reading the above posts one can see he has spent much time in the head area! Your doctor may be telling you that Urban is going to ND as part of your therapy, but he will be dealing with some really depressed hillbillies when it doesn’t happen! Go Gators! 3 and 0 and headed for another great year!

  39. Uh, yeah…”Gator Fan” “Gator Fan” = (enter Vollie, Nollie, Bammer, Dawgie, Kitty here) Fan.

    Apparently, a whole bunch of rival fans have discovered they can leave comments posing as Gator Fans to try to mess with our heads (whoa! dude, clever, you are blowing some minds!).

    Chris Leak = Not Tim Tebow = National Championship Quarterback
    in 2006. Ask Ohio State about him.

    John Brantley = Five Star Quarterback Recruit/Gatorade Player of the Year/Redshirt Sophomore = Next UF Quarterback = National Championship Quarterback

    Meyer already turned down Notre Dame but if he leaves (and he won’t) UF will just plug in the next great coach and win some more. UF is bigger than one coach.

  40. “8. And how’s that whole thing working out, passing on Percy Harvin who has played two games and has two touchdowns? And dumping Mike Peterson? You guys will probably screw up the whole Tim Tebow thing. ”

    I’m just catching up to this column, but I can’ tlet the Jag-hate comments stand. Pat, you gotta back up your smack, and a pro writer like you should know better than to go that waty. The Jags have been burned by 1st Rd. WRS before, and Munroe was a solid pick. Harvin was too risky to take at 8 overall, and Tebow will be too risjky to take in the top 2-3 rounds. Great in college ofetn equals average in Pros. Peterson is aging and was trouble in the locker room. Great Gator, but not irreplaceable. Maybe you are out of your depth with Pro commentary?