Done Dawgs?


So what are we to make out of the news that Georgia quarterback Joe Cox has a sore arm? One ESPN report said Logan Gray would start and another said it would be Cox.

So which one is right? Who knows? It could be that Gray, who is much more athletic than Cox, will start but Mark Richt didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Or it could be that Joe Schad is wrong … again.

Either way, it’s obvious that there is something wrong with Cox. I wish I had this info before I made my pick on the Doggies game with South Carolina.

My question is this: If Georgia loses will there be heat on Richt? Not the kind of heat any coach feels in a slump but the kind he feels when his job is on the line. With Arkansas next, will red and black fans start wondering if they have the right guy on the job? Remember that the Bulldogs fell terribly short of expectations a year ago and the spin all summer was to say they were too reliant on Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno.

Should be interesting. What do you think?

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  1. I’m a gator living in the heart of DAWG country where it is always 1980 and I say Who Cares – its the dogs. Tell Urban Meyer to keep the score close so they won’t fire Richt and we can have another decade of dominance.

  2. If UGA loses to the Cocks then I think you will really see the heat turn up. Georgia should win, but if not, it could effect a very good year in recruiting for the Dawgs. A losing season could yield some committed players going elsewhere…

  3. The talk I have heard from locals here in Georgia (UGA fans) is that there could be more talk about Richt not being the right man. I haven’t heard it myself, but someone mentioned it to me last night. I think the USC is going to pull one out vs. UGA.

  4. The heat is already on. I’m in Atlanta, and you should have heard the UGA fans calling in on the Buck and Kincade show this week asking for Richt’s resignation. I’ve called in several times in the past (as a Gator fan) claiming that Richt is soft and will never REALLY succeed in the SEC. Many of the Bulldog faithful were doing the same this week.

  5. As both a Gator fanfirst and Bulldog fan second (Dad and Mom graduated from UGA and my Wife is from Georgia) As such, it pains me to see UGA struggle. Richt is a good coach, but similar to all of UF coaches prior to Spurrier and Meyer, they lack the killer instinct. Sadly, this will probably be Richt’s year if they go anything less than 9-3 and a New Years Day Bowl game. GO GATORS!!!

  6. It’s not difficult to see what was wrong w/ Cox in the opener with that weenie arm he displayed….either he has never had an SEC arm, or there is something wrong with him. If I recall, this story is playing out a lot like the Joe T III scenario in 2006, when he suddenly developed “arm trouble” very early in the season leading the way to Richt giving strong-armed Matt Stafford the offense.

    If I was Richt I would be feeling a little heat. Regardless of the moron UGA prez and his lapdog AD, the UGa faithful won’t be satisfied very much longer if Richt continues to be owned by Gators, particularly if Tech starts beating UGa regularly.

  7. I saw a series of dawg fan comments in a website for the Atlanta paper. 50+ comment wit 2 defending Richt and dawg assistants. The rest were negative, including calls for Richt being replaced, bad comparisons of Richt to P.Johnson at GTech, slams on the dawg coordinators and more. Very harsh. It was interesting that so few referred to UF, but those that did were humble.

    Richt has won a couple of SEC championships and moved the dawgs ahead of Tn as the #2 SEC East team. It’s a great deal of fun to see the mutts suffer so badly when, in fact, Richt’s record is a close second to V.Dooley’s in every way except beating UF.

  8. uga and M. Richt always have a hard time with Spurrier, for obvious reasons.

    plus add in that dude (aka Old Ball Coach) is the biggest, baddest UF grad of all time, name another, and is decked in Carolina gear.

    Are you kidding me? How does that feel Gator fan? Your alltime guy is wearing other gear?

    It will be tough b/c you know the guy took the job just to beat Ga. If Carolina wins at GA they go in to a euphoria that requires meds, that’s how much they wont’ to beat Ga.

    So it’s always tough. Even Granny (the hair coloring on the ESPN set is awful) has picked Carolina every time since Spurrier came on board.

    Yea, it will be tough for GA

  9. Truthfully, as a Gator I feel that as long as we keep winning in the series I could care less. As a Christian, though, I respect Coach Richt and as a nuetral observer I’d say he’s done a pretty good job there.

    I think the problem UGlies have is UF has stepped it up to another level and they just can’t take that step themselves. We ARE their biggest rival and since 1991 we’ve been at a consistently higher level than them, a level all programs want to get to, but few do (for obvious reasons). Most are stuck in the Dooley years and Every Gator is glad we aren’t.

  10. Gator fan, one of the most entertaining things to watch is a post game interview with Steve Spurrier after loosing to Ga.

    Hey, I know it’s Carolina, but 4 out of 5 interviews are priceless.

    Sorry Gator fan, can’t have it all, dominating us on your end and Spurrier in Carolian gear for crying out loud.

    It’s the bottom line baby, puff, puff on the victory cigar!