Plug away


OK, time for some business.

Beginning Sunday, I’m going to start writing a pair of blogs. One for the SEC East and the other for the West. You can read them here in our new SEC blog called Southern Accents.

I do need more questions for Dr. Football. I’m including one in Sidelines, which runs in the paper each Tuesday, and one on my new TV show. You can see the pilot on

Also, check out 104.9-FM between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. where I’m guesting on the radio a few days a week.



  1. Pat,
    Have read articles on the number of searches related to the
    scripture verses worn by Tim under the eyes on game days. I must
    admit I have searched myself. My question is why do players wear
    these patches or other forms of “eye black”?

    Bob Martin
    Lake Wales,FL