Sitting Tebow


Am I the only one who wonders what the heck Florida coaches are doing with Tim Tebow?

First there was all this talk about Joe Haden playing quarterback. Then, at Media Day, Urban Meyer talked about how Johnny Brantley will play significant snaps this season.

Uh, did I miss something or did Tebow lose something over the summer? We are talking about a guy who may be the best to ever play the game. Sitting Tebow makes no sense.

Or does it?

My take on the whole Haden thing is that Meyer wants it in the heads of opposing defenses. It’s kind of like the whole Michael Vick thing. Even if he never plays a down, opposing defensive coordinators will waste valuable time scheming for the Wildcat formation. Ditto Haden. I’m sure Meyer would love for Monte Kiffin to spend practice time trying to figure out what to do if Haden goes in at quarterback.

I’ve already bet our beat guy Robbie Andreu that Haden doesn’t take a snap at quarterback.

With Brantley, I think it’s more about getting him ready for next season than it is getting him important minutes this season. I just can’t see it 3-0 Florida in The Swamp, late first quarter and you bench Tebow for Brantley because you scripted him to go in on the third series.

We’ll see how this all plays out but summer tends to be when coaches get really creative. When it’s crunch time in September, not so much. You go back to what works and nothing works like Tebow in the shotgun.


  1. No disrespect intended, but you and some of the other “experts” need to let Coach Meyer do his thing. He has proven that he can make the calls that result in winning. So, instead of coaching, write about what you think the results would be if Haden played a little QB. How do you think Brantley will do and what does he bring to the game that Tebow does not – if anything. You keep up the good work!

  2. Florida basically runs the so-called “Wildcat” on every down. Tebow is capable of scoring through the air or on the ground on every play in the Red Zone? So what do the Gators need a Wildcat guy for? Well, they ran it very effectively with Percy Harvin last year including one play inside the 5 when everyone in the stadium just knew it was going to be Tebow up the middle. Percy scored of course. There is great value to having multiple looks with personnel who posess widely differing skills. Haden, Rainey, Demps, or James could carry the ball effectively out of the Wildcat ( oh Hell I know the Single Wing when I see it!) but Haden is the best choice because he threw for over 7000 yards in high school and can obviously be a true dual threat. I say they’ll run it maybe 10 times during the season, and Haden will throw it at least a couple of times. Defensive coordinators know Haden. They all recruited him. It will give them someting to think about (and waste time on).

  3. Regardless of the fact that Tim may be the GOAT, we will probably see JB inserted in certain situations this year in games more meaningful that Charleston Southern, much like Tim was when CL was leading the team. I also think the splash about Joe in the wildcat is more than saber rattling. Corch’s mindset has been to do whatever he thinks will put a W on the scoreboard. I think this was a good thought provoking question you ask.

  4. After three years of good luck, it is easy to imagine that Tebow could once again escape serious injury; we all hope it’s true. However, if he couldn’t play, we would have a promising, untested backup who is primarily a drop-back passer. Either because of injury to him or just because the offense might not be running smoothly in, say, Baton Rouge, it could suddenly seem like a very good thing to have another change-up ready to throw at them.

    Having some extra packages to prepare must also help to keep the interest of the more talented athletes like Haden. In reviewing the 2006 season, I couldn’t help regretting the personality problems that led to the departure of J. Fayson. Besides his promise as a receiver, his stint at quarterback in the Western Carolina game was very effective.

    Whoever runs the wildcat, Percy showed how effective it could be, especially in the red zone, to hike the ball directly to a speed guy. As you have pointed out previously, though, you need to have someone who is comfortable handling the ball. This was a strength of Percy’s that is not often mentioned. Haden seems like a good candidate.

  5. It is a very smart mover of Myers and any other coach for that matter to utilize all of his talents. No one knew this better than Spurrier.

    However, many coaches have lost good talent because they put all of their eggs in one basket. There is nothing better than having more than a few weapons at the same position.

  6. I don’t know. He’s Tebow to Leak. Strock to Marino. Reich to Kelly. Starsky to Hutch. OK, maybe not that but a relief pitcher at any time will throw a kink not only in game week prep but will have defenses looking like Brooks & Ortmeyer (UK Sp Teams coach) at the Swamp last year after the 2nd blocked punt. I like the idea.

  7. Nothing brings game awareness than being on the field. I love Tebow, but we are in a year where we are looking ahead as well for the next few years and at Florida with the talent that we have, we can do this very easily. I think the move with Haden is just the luxury that we have. He is a great athlete and gives us another player in that position that Percy played in, plus the fact that he can pass off of that role. Sounds like they opened the playbook off of that “wildcat” play. Just another dimension to the book.

  8. To the GATOR NATION:

    The glory was yours in January with a much deserved National Championship. Your captain, Tebow, showed that character on and off the field is the sign of a true champion. You are now in charge of your own destiny, as is my alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin.

    I hope both teams go in their current spots into the BSC championship game in the Rose Bowl, to play for that crystal statue. Win your games outright – and may the Longhorns do the same. I think a Florida-UT matchup, if it were to happen, would be a game for the ages – matching Colt McCoy against Tim Tebow. As you all may know the Longhorns have some familiarity with the Rose Bowl. I plugged this matchup in your paper last January, and it seems to be shaping up. Not that either path is destined or easy to achieve, but I think the Longhorns look strong this season, and you all do as well.

    Good luck this season and may both teams go undefeated to face off in Pasadena! At that game, while both teams would surely want a victory, I think the game would be a good one, and would show two quarterbacks and two teams who are built on character and class. Hook’em Horns.

  9. Kudos to UTexas Fan for a classy remark and an insightful prediction about a possible January matchup. This is the year that will seal the deal for the Tebow legacy (as if it wasn’t sound enough already). The idea of playing Tim a little less and mixing it up is a good one for a lot of reasons. But I, like all Gators, want to see as much as I can before he moves on. GO GATORS!!!