Wrapping up the sports world


Some thoughts that are pinging their way around my brain:

* There are some who feel Michael Vick’s suspension from the first five games this season is unfair because he was already suspended last year. No he wasn’t. He couldn’t play last year because he was incarcerated. This isn’t The Replacements. You can’t play in the NFL when you are in jail. OK, so he was suspended but that’s not why he didn’t play in 2008. I think Roger Goodell’s punishment was perfect. He may go down in history as the best commish ever because players know they can’t get into trouble and not be punished. I wonder how fans of NFL teams feel about the possibility of Vick playing for their teams. You may not want him, but you don’t want someone else to have him.

* Brett Favre is going to stay retired. For how long? Until Tarvaris Jackson sails back-to-back passes into the fans watching camp? If you think the Favre story is dead, you haven’t been paying attention. “Hey, Vikings, this is Brett. Woke up this morning and my arm felt great. When do I report?”

* I love it when people who have never met Steve Spurrier try to dissect him. Memo to the hacks: He was not playing mind games last week. He messed up and was embarrassed. That’s all there is to it.

* What happened? One minute I’m watching women’s softball in Oklahoma City and the next it’s time for football season. Where did the summer go?

* Got a new three-wood Tuesday and I feel like a new golfer. Taylor Made Launcher. Sweet. Phil Mickelson could say my problem is inferior equipment like he did about Tiger Woods and he would be right. But I’m gaining on it. Also received a new Heavy Putter like the one John Daly uses. The older I get, the more important it is to have equipment that will do the job for me.


  1. Unfortunately, Coach Spur’s take-no-prisoners style coaching leads to dissection when he’s on the down hill side of his career. The kick him while he’s down crowd will eat him up as they will Coach Cocky Kiff at U-Tn.

  2. There was a time, many years ago, when players in some professional sports, were banned from the sport for outrageous behavior such as betting on games or committing a serious crime. But those days are long since gone. Now it appears, you not only can gamble on illegal dog fights, but you can also slaughter the losers and IF you are a good enough athlete you will be welcomed back to your sport with open arms. Sure there are people who think everyone should have a second chance. But isn’t this Vick’s second or third, “second chance”. Also, this is not a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Michael Vick created the place, the time, and made money on it. I was stunned to see the NFL commissioner even think about welcoming him back to pro football, even with a five game suspension. What does it take to get banned from professional football, an act of murder? Oops, that happened just a few years ago in California, but then the NFL star was retired and he got away with it. I guess the message here is, if you act like you repent, and you are a very, very good football player, then the rules the rest of us live by don’t apply to you. I am afraid this says a lot about the decline of our society. But then who am I to question the moral compass of the NFL. After all it’s just sports … or is it?

  3. Great article on Meyer, Pat. I look forward to your writing about the Gators and all sports each week. I’ve been out here in Southern California (great OC Gator Club!) for the past four years and keep up with the Gators on the website everyday. It’s great being a Gator in USC land! 🙂 Take care.

    David Johnson
    Gator Alum 97′