The Tebow inquisition


The mystery continues.

Or does it?

The three coaches not named Urban Meyer said Thursday they voted Tim Tebow first-team on the coaches’ All-SEC preseason team. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt didn’t even wait to be asked.

But did Nick Saban protest too much?

“I voted for Tim Tebow,” Saban said. “I think he’s one of the most outstanding leaders I’ve ever seen in my coaching career. Certainly played a fantastic game against us in the SEC Championship Game last year.

“But I also think everybody should have the right to vote for whoever they want and I don’t think they should be criticized for that. It’s what a lot of people have fought for in this country for a long time. So I don’t understand why anybody would even be interested. But I guess somebody’s trying to create news. I wouldn’t point any fingers about that, but …”

So the men who fought the Germans in WWII were trying to protect the rights of all football coaches to keep their All-SEC votes secret? Now I get it.

So far, there are only three coaches who haven’t been asked about whether or not they voted for Tebow — Steve Spurrier, Les Miles and Gene Chizik. Lane Kiffin said before Media Days he voted for Tebow.

So is it one of those three or is someone lying? A coach lie? Say it ain’t so.


  1. I am a huge Gator fan and Alum and even bigger Tebow fan. However, as much as it pains me to tpe these workds, I have to agree with Saban on this one. I think the coaches have a righ to vote for whemever they chose. I think they are crazy to not vote for Tebow, but that is their right. I don’t understnd why this has created such a media frenzy.

  2. I,ve been watching SEC and Gator football for 40 years and I’ve just about heard enough from the Tebow doubters…GOD!…what does that man have to do! He is simply “A WINNER” and possibly the best to ever play his position in college football history!!

    bob luther