We’re back in Hoover


You can tell how old a tree is by cutting it open and counting the rings and you can tell how old I am by cutting me open and counting how many SEC Media Days this is for your intrepid reporter.

It hardly seems like a year since we drove through Dothan, made a stop at Webb’s 231 BBQ for lunch and ended up at the Wynfrey Hotel. But here we are, back for more. Who knows what this next year will bring?

I’ve registered and picked up my media guides. I’m always interested to see which schools put their coaches on the cover. For the record, five did not — Florida, Kentucky, Alabama Georgia and Vanderbilt. Interestingly, four are SEC East teams.

Florida’s cover is a giant picture of the national championship ring, just a reminder of what happened last year. The best cover goes to the league itself, which shows two Gator hands lifting an SEC Championship trophy with confetti falling and underneath, “Home of the Last Three National Champions.”

The weirdest has to be LSU’s. It has football cards of six players and a slogan “Like Knights of Old.” I don’t get it.

Hey, at least we get meida guides. By next year, they may be extinct in a cost-cutting move. OK, folks, I’m ready to do some interviewing.