Ant Franny


Florida softball All-American Francesca Enea was having an off night until she singled in the middle of Florida’s dramatic rally in the bottom of the seventh.

Before that she had made an error that cost UF a run, struck out badly in the fifth with a runner on second and failed to make a diving catch on a fly ball that turned into a double.

But Enea was dealing with a distraction. If you saw her wearing a sleeve on her right arm it was because she was bitten by an ant while stretching a couple of days ago. Enea is allergic to ants and the bite caused a reaction. She wore the sleeve so she wouldn’t scratch the affected area.

There’s a tidbit for you from Oklahoma City. Also, I failed to mention in my game story an interesting side note to the tournament. All of Florida’s 10 runs have come on home runs in the first three games.