A Shocker


Another late night in Oklahoma City. I got back to my room around 1:30 Eastern time and of course there had to be something going on outside my room. At about 2:30, I looked out my window and there were two cop cars with the lights going. I didn’t even bother to check it out. The road outside my window must be the crime center of Bricktown.

The Gators get today off but did have a light practice today while they wait to see who they play. That has been the most difficult part of covering this event. Not the late-night games on deadline or the freezing press box with no internal public address system. The most difficult thing has been figuring out the bracket because teams switch brackets during the tournament.

It didn’t help that the NCAA official Web site had it wrong. And the local newspaper has had it wrong twice. It’s very confusing. When I picked up the paper this morning, I thought I had blown it. But it turns out I was right.

I was coming into the hotel this morning and saw a bus with WSU Shockers on the front. There are a lot of youth softball teams here, but why Wichita State? Turns out it was the baseball team which is playing in the Norman regional. Norman is about a half-hour away.

“Pain in the butt,” one of the assistants told me.

I chatted up the coach and the WSU athletic director about the regional, but they wanted to talk about Tim Walton. Walton came to Florida from Wichita State, and they are proud of what he has done at Florida.

Lot of work to do today even with Florida having no game. We’re starting a special series on Monday. Hope you enjoy it.