Where is the humidity?


I wrote this week about how the Florida softball team is more familiar with the College World Series here in Oklahoma City. That goes for your intrepid beat writer as well.

It’s like old school for me here. Didn’t even need directions from the airport.

On my morning walk I did find something I didn’t see the last time I was here. Not far from Bricktown there are Botanical Gardens. Right in the middle of the city there is a piece of property that is amazing with dancing water shows, a crystal bridge and beautiful scenery.

Now, before you think I’m getting in touch with my feminine side, I did have dinner at Mickey Mantle’s last night. Can you hear me flex? That place is awesome. Also made a pit stop at the Biting Sow, but Doc Blues wasn’t in until later and I was exhausted after a Southwest flight that went from Jacksonville to Tampa to Houston to Oklahoma City.

I underpacked for this trip. It’s actually chilly in the morning and evening here. And it’s difficult to get a sweat going. Before I left, I worked up a sweat just carrying my bags to the car.