Might Destin be interesting?


While this week has been about the SEC baseball tournament, the sports talk shows have been more about what will happen next week in Destin. That and the five police officers who lost their jobs when a tape was released revealing them beating a man they had been chasing.

Steve Spurrier called me this week and wondered whether I was going to cover the Lane Kiffin Show? (Robbie Andreu will be there for The Sun). Spurrier intimated that Kiffin will get the cold shoulder from many of the SEC coaches for the comments he has made this off-season.

On the other hand, the word here is that Mike Slive is going to lecture the coaches about acting with dignity and end the sniping. Slive has always wanted any coaches with an issue to go through him rather than speak publicly. We in the media like it the other way.

And if you have noticed around the country, other conferences are meeting and coming up with cost-cutting moves. One SEC administrator said there is talk of the league eliminating media guides. Some conferences have reduced football squads and are doing away with gifts given to players at conference tournaments.

It should be an interesting SEC meeting in Destin. Have fun, Robbie.