A piece of work


I had heard that Geno Auriemma is interesting at press conferences and my first interaction with him didn’t disappoint.

After a couple of his players sang Happy Birthday to him at the podium, he gave some interesting answers to questions posed about everything from Florida’s place in women’s basketball history (you can read that in my story in Tuesday’s Sun) to the pressure that is UConn to succeed every year.

I caught up with him afterwards as he was heading into the film room and we talked about some of the things he said, Then, as he was turning away, he asked me a question.

“How’s Aaron Hernandez?” he asked.

Turns out, Auriemma coached the Florida tight end in AAU basketball when Hernandez was 11.

“He was really good,” he said. “He could have played Division 1 basketball. he was that good. But now he’s going to be a first-round pick in the NFL.”

So don’t challenge Hernandez to a pick-up game.