Gators get no love


If this were the men’s basketball bracket, they’d still be talking about it on PTI and Around the Horn.

Florida’s women got shafted when the draw came out Monday night. It’s clear that the NCAA, the most hypocritical and backwards-thinking organization this side of AIG, has to get a hold of its committees deciding the fates of these teams.

Here’s why – the men’s committee sent out a clear message that you have to schedule tough teams and beat a few of them. It’s all about the body of work. The women’s committee sent out a clear message – it’s all about how you finish and not the body of work.

Well, which is it? Florida has an RPI of 21 with wins over teams with RPIs of 10, 13 and 16. But the Gators struggled down the stretch and get an eight seed. Not just an eight seed, but the worst eight seed possible. Not only would they have to play unbeaten UConn in its home gym if UF wins in the first round, they draw a team in Temple with a higher RPI than Florida.

Were the people making these decisions in a hurry? I mean, they only had a week with no women’s basketball to worry about to make this decision.

I don’t want to sound like a homer, but this is a joke.