SEC Day 1 preview – Miss. State



Stat you should know: Mississippi State went 5-1 against the East this season with the lone loss coming against Tennessee. The Bulldogs will play East teams in the first two rounds of the tournament.

Quote of the day: “I’ll tell you how messed up I was. I lost track of where my family was. I was trying to find my boys and two of them were on my bench. I forgot all about that.” — Rick Stansbury on last year’s tornado game.

Rick Stansbury’s mindset: The Mississippi State coach was asked about saving players in games because the Bulldogs would have to win four games in four days to win the tournament. “We won’t be saving anyone,” he said. “If our guys have to play 40 minutes to win against Georgia, they will.” Stansbury believes his team has improved defensively and that gives them a chance in the tournament. “It’s not my best defensive team,” he said. “But to knock off three or four points a game and keep scoring makes a difference in some games.”