How much longer for Urban?


Florida’s president Bernie Machen was quoted by the Orlando Sentinel’s Jeremy Fowler this week about Urban Meyer’s future at Florida.

“I think what will happen to Urban is he won’t go somewhere else, he’ll just burn out and quit,” Machen said. “He’ll reach the point he can’t do it any longer at the level he demands of himself. Hopefully it’s not for 10 years.”

That’s about how long it will be. Meyer told me last summer that he has another 10 years in him before he hangs up his whistle. That would make him 54 if you are counting 10 years from right now. But I certainly don’t think he meant exactly 10 years, like we should start a countdown.

What Meyer was talking about was that he feels like he has another decade in him working at this pace. That doesn’t mean 2018 or 2019 will be his last year. But it does mean that’s around the time he’s going to think about it.

Still, you never know. Florida has worked very hard to lighten the load on Meyer by pulling back on Gator Club meetings and Gator Hotline appearances.

If you ask me, the thing that creates the most stress for Meyer is not the game-planning or the speeches or the constant demands for his time. He’s like so many other coaches in that recruiting just wears him out mentally. It would just about anybody. You have to be everywhere begging 17-year old kids to come get a free education and meals and exposure at your school and then they start lying to you and de-committing and playing the hat game on Signing Day.

It makes me tired just thinking about it.