Another Vol to pick on


If some of the national media checked out message boards around the
South they would be stunned to find out that A-Rod’s admission to
taking performance enhancing drugs is not the biggest topic of

It’s still Lane Kiffin.

(And by the way, all of
you posters from the Big Orange Nation might want to learn how to spell
the last name of the coach you are so vehemently defending. Just a

The revelation that Kiffin and his staff self-reported two violations just added fuel to the fire. So did a column by Tennessee alum Paul Finebaum demanding Kiffin’s ouster.

The bottom line – this is a story that will not go away for a long time.

Nor should it.

Kiffin insulted Urban Meyer, insulted the city of Pahokee, insulted Nick Saban, insulted the SEC. Not that he meant to offend anybody.

Kiffin is learning about the SEC the hard way. This isn’t the namby-pamby Pac-10. This is real 365 days a year. He had better get used to it or he won’t be a Volunteer for very long.

I think Kiffin
got caught up in the environment he has created, a staff of aggressive
recruiters who take everything personally. Go read the book about Ole
Miss recruiting “Meat Market” and then tell me Kiffin’s actions don’t reek of Ed Orgeron.

In the Vol Nation, Kiffin is a hero. Everywhere else, he is considered
a buffoon. Gator fans wept when Phillip Fulmer was let go because it
was so easy to dominate Tennessee during his time there.

Weep no more, Gator Nation.