My Springsteen halftime set list


It’s Sunday morning and I feel the need to weigh in.

Not about the Florida basketball team’s flop in Knoxville Saturday
night. Not about the Arizona offense against the Pittsburgh defense.
Not about how we’re going to miss those decadent Ashley’s wings.

I need to weigh in on Bruce Springsteen’s set list.

I’ve got to get it on the record. I know I made a guess a few months
ago, but that was then and this is now. This is the one that counts. I
nailed Paul McCartney’s four songs during his Super Bowl halftime
performance and was one off on Tom Petty’s (I had “Refugee” instead of
“I Won’t Back Down”). My little girl Kelsey got all four of them and
won our contest.

Yes, I’m very proud.

But she’s not a big Springsteen fan so I can’t lean on her for this one.

So here goes:

1. Born To Run – He’ll probably close with this. It’s a no-brainer.
Working on a Dream – New hit is really good and “The Wrestler” isn’t
upbeat enough. The Boss has said that one reason he finally decided to
do the Super Bowl halftime was to promote his new album so there will
be something from it.
3. Born in The USA – Tough call on this
because it’s almost a cliche. But I think Springsteen will see this as
the ultimate joke watching right-wingers singing out the chorus not
knowing what the song is really about.
4. Badlands – Just a hunch here.

don’t feel as good about this as McCartney and Petty because you never
know where Bruce is going to go. And so many of his best songs are
really long and he only has 12 minutes. I’d take a 12-minute version of
“Rosalita (Come Out Tonight).”