Media Day musings


I’m still a college guy, but the biggest difference between college’s
version of the Super Bowl Media Day and the real one is ginormous.

I’ve been to many of both and it always amazes me the sheer volume
of people at Super Bowl Media Days. No matter how much we love college
football, the NFL is still king.

But it’s easier to do our jobs without people dressed in costumes asking inane questions.

This Media Day was crowded, but manageable at Dolphin Stadium. Tim
Tebow drew the biggest crowd of reporters but you could still get your
questions in. The biggest issue for a reporter is that you always feel
like you’re missing something. While your talking to Brandon Spikes,
you see people huddling around Dan Mullen or Major Wright and wonder if
you should weave through the mini-cams and tape recorders to see what
they are talking about.

But it’s great to be here. I thought the Fiesta Bowl people did a
spectacular job during our week in Arizona. The Orange Bowl is trying ”
and succeeding ” at doing it better. They even provided hats for some
of my brethren with, shall I say, follicle issues who found their bare
scalps roasting in the heat.

It’s still a long way to go until game day, but I did get a taste
for Dolphin Stadium covering the Miami-Baltimore game Sunday. I am the
first one to tell you that NFL games don’t compare to college when it
comes to game environment, but on Sunday that was an electric crowd. It
was one of those times where I felt like there was no place I’d rather

I know that will be the case on Thursday night.