Gamecocks tarnishing Spurrier’s legacy


My cell has been ringing all day, my “Champagne High” ring tone started to be irritating.

Everyone wants to talk about the same thing and it’s not the first day of bowl week for the Gators and Sooners.

They want to know about Steve Spurrier.

Do I think he’s going to walk away? Is it time for him to hang it up?

It was painful to watch his team play in the Outback Bowl. The Gamies looked like they didn’t care. And that’s what tells me that it’s not going to happen for Spurrier in Columbia. After four seasons, he still can’t get his players to give their all day in and day out.

When two players declare for the draft after the game, guess what? Their minds were elsewhere.When a starting safety doesn’t bother to go to class because he knows he’s going out, it tells me that Spurrier has not been able to transfer his passion to his players.

There is a culture of losing in that town and I can’t explain except to say every time I’m there I feel it.

I consider Steve to be a friend and it really hurts to see his legacy tarnished by his time at South Carolina. But you also have to consider this ” Spurrier has put the Gamecocks into bowl games in three of four seasons and this is only the third time in modern history USC has had four straight years without a losing season.

So it’s not like he has failed. He just can’t get his program over the hump. And I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

As a result, it’s not Spurrier’s legacy that will suffer the most. It’s South Carolina’s. New motto: Gamecock football ” even Steve Spurrier couldn’t make us great.