College football playoffs are a pipe dream


Some people just don’t get it.

Look, I want a playoff as bad as the next gay unless the next guy is Myles Brand. But it’s not going to happen. Not in my lifetime. Probably not in the lifetime of your neighborhood giant tortoise which lives the longest of any creature, up to 177 years. (Who knew blogs could be so educational?)

So stop sending me your playoff brackets with the semifinals in the Fiesta and Rose Bowls. There are several reasons why this is the system, though slightly tweaked, that your kids will be complaining about in their old age (unless, of course, their team is playing for the title).

I hear this argument ” have you seen some of these bowl games? Mediocre teams and less-than-mediocre crowds. Well, folks, the bowls aren’t there for you. They are there for the players, the coaches and the people of the community where they are played. Once you understand the first rule of college football ” that the average fans don’t really matter ” you’ll get it.

Then there is ESPN, which ponied up $500 million to televise the BCS games. So that ends your argument that when someone comes up with enough money we’ll have a playoff. Someone already did to not have a playoff.

And there is the Rose Bowl, which will never be part of any playoff system. Try having a true playoff this year without USC and Penn State. ‘Kay?

And finally, there are the people who decide this ” the presidents of the universities who make up the NCAA voting body. A majority of them don’t want it.

The case, my friends, is closed. You can have pretend playoffs on your PlayStation all day.

Just don’t e-mail me the results.