A day at the museum


When we found out that we were going to be at something called the
Sports Museum of America for the Heisman Trophy presentation, our
typical media cynicism made us wonder if they weren’t just trying to
get us as far away from the actual ceremony.

Where are they putting the media next year, Secaucus?

after touring the brand new museum an hour or so before the Heisman
show, I can see why we’re here. It’s an amazing facility with rooms
honoring every sport imaginable. And the Heisman room is something to

It includes the original Heisman, a display showing how
the trophy is made and displays honoring different winners. It also
includes a tribute to the reigning Heisman winner, which we all know
was TimTebow. Included in the display are his Heisman speech notes and his favorite play. Ask me to diagram it for you some day.

was visually spectacular and after two days seeing everything in New
York City thanks to my daughter who now lives here, it ranks right near
the top of things I’ll remember about this visit.

I wish we had
been able to spend more time looking at everything, but they had to
shuttle us downstairs for the show. I recommend this museum, located in
south Manhattan not too far from the tip of the island, and can
guarantee it will be a hit for fans of every sport.