SEC Rewind: The league is down


The SEC should be thankful it had Florida on Saturday.

Four matchups against the ACC, three losses. Only the Gators managed a win, a convincing one at that.

I still think Floorida is in the national title game if it beats Alabama, but it couldn’t have helped in the computer rankings to have Georgia lose to Georgia Tech, Vandy lose to Wake Forest and South Carolina lose to Clemson.

It’s time we accept the truth here in SEC country. Even though the conference will have a team playing for the national title for the third straight year, this is not a very good conference this season.

Instead, it’s like the Big 10 used to be. Ohio State, Michigan and the rest. Florida, Alabama and the rest.

I believe it goes back to quarterback play, but the league is not as good defensively as it has been in the past. Forget the statistical rankings. As Steve Spuddier used to say, “Statistics are for losers and assistant coaches.”

LSU was awful on defense this year. Georgia gave up 49 to Florida and 45 to Georgia Tech. South Carolina gave up 56 to Florida and couldn’t stop Clemson. Just not very good.

The real victims are the second-tier SEC bowl games.

Think about what they are getting.

The Capital One gets a Georgia team coming off a loss to its in-state rival in what may be the most disappointing season in the history of Georgia football.

The Outback gets to choose from LSU, which has lost two straight games and five on the season, 7-5 South Carolina, also with two straight losses, and 7-5 Kentucky, which has lost four of its last five games. And the Chick-fil-A gets what is left over. I’m not saying the fans of these teams won’t travel, but they have all the momentum of a turtle on Prozac.

The good news, of course, is that Alabama and Florida are playing in what will be the most-hyped game SEC Championship Game ever. Let’s focus on that.