SEC Rewind: Peek at Atlanta


OK, so we know which two teams will be playing in Atlanta. Why not look ahead?

Certainly a lot can happen between now and the SEC Championship Game. Injuries happen, momentum gets drained. Heck, one of the two teams might even lose a game between now and then.

But if the two teams were playing this weekend, it would be huge. It would be a BCS playoff game.

And I’d like Florida.

Here’s why – the playing surface at the Georgia Dome is favorable for a speedy team. You think Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey and Percy Harvin are fast on grass. They will leave rug burns in their wake in Atlanta.

I know, Alabama has speed as well and the surface helps both teams. But Florida is a team built on speed.

Like I said, a lot can happen. And Florida will have a tough test this week with South Carolina.

Of course, I’ve been saying for the last four games that Florida would be facing a tough test because the Gators were playing tough defenses.

The results have been 51, 63, 49 and 42 points.

Meanwhile, it went from bad to worse in Knoxville, Kentucky found another way to lose a close game and LSU has to be in the jar. The Tigers finally showed up for a big game but still left the field a loser. One year after winning the national title, it’s looking like LSU will have the same record as Florida did a year after its national title.

The Tennessee result tells you something about that team. The players were all upset about Phillip Fulmer getting fired, then showed their support by losing to a dreadful Wyoming team. It goes back to the one truth in college football or any football – you can’t be successful if you don’t have a quarterback.