SEC Rewind: Conference is now second


I have been a staunch defender of SEC football, perhaps to a fault. Those of us who have believed the SEC is the best conference in the game sometimes act like snobs.

Harrumph. Empty seats at a conference game? My goodness, man, how dare thee?

And you will never need to convince me that when it comes to passion, tradition and butts in the seats the SEC is No. 1.

But football-wise, I’m starting to wonder.

At least this year.

Check that, after what happened this week, I’m not wondering. I’ll give the edge to the Big XII.

Here’s why ” Auburn lost to a bad West Virginia team and Vandy scored only seven points against Duke. Duke!! The last time Duke held a team to seven points it was in lacrosse.

It was a terrible week for the conference even though its big three continue to show why they all are in the national championship conversation. Alabama hogtied Tennessee, Florida blasted Kentucky, and Georgia went into Baton Rouge and won easily.

But in that last game lie some of the problem for the SEC.

Who would you say is the fourth-best team in the conference?

It’s probably LSU. In fact, it’s definitely LSU. Who else would it be? South Carolina, which lost to LSU at home a week ago?

No, LSU is No. 4 and when your fourth-best team lost twice in a span of 15 days and gave up 103 points to those two teams, you really shouldn’t be crowing about how great your league is.

The SEC is good. It’s probably the second best in the country. But the Big XII, despite the fact that defense is an afterthought in that conference, is better. For now.