SEC Rewind: Thoughts on BCS


OK, so the first BCS rankings are out and there is good news and bad news for the SEC. The good news is that Alabama is second. The bad news is that Florida is 10th.

While the Gators are sixth in the Harris and seventh in the coaches poll but 12th in the computers where garbage goes in and garbage comes out. Here is what I say to Florida fans ” let it play out. If Florida goes 12-1 and there are not two unbeaten BCS conference teams, I find it hard to believe the Gators won’t be playing for the national title. But the hard part is still ahead with the rest of the schedule.

As for Alabama, I’ve been saying all along that the people who believe an undefeated Penn State will go ahead of an undefeated Alabama are dreaming. Forget the sentimentality for Joe Paterno and all the times he has been screwed by the system. Alabama will have a better resume. The Tide will have beaten Georgia, LSU and either Florida or Georgia again. It won’t even be close, trust me.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs are seventh in the BCS and will need some help to get into their preordained place in the national title game. Obviously, the winner of Florida-Georgia has a lot of clout if that team finishes with only one loss.

The other team in the BCS rankings is LSU at No. 13. The Tigers have almost no chance. That 30-point loss to Florida isn’t going to be forgotten, especially by the computers.

Bottom line ” a lot of football to be played.