SEC Rewind: Crazy in Tennessee


I often write about how weird things are in college football because, well, it’s weird.
Like this weird ” Vanderbilt is the best team in Tennessee and it’s not even close.

Commodores recorded a win for the ages on Saturday night. It’s not that
Auburn is anything special, but for Vanderbilt to overcome the hype
machine of ESPN and rally to win was enormous for the program. Now
we’ll see if Vandy can sustain this incredible 5-0 start.

There is
no doubt that you have to take Bobby Johnson’s team seriously now. Who
knows, Florida at Vandy or Georgia’s game with Vanderbilt might be what
decides the SEC East. The Commodores fans ” and I know they exist ” had
better enjoy this. There’s no way Johnson will be there next season if
he gets Vanderbilt into, say, an Outback or Citrus Bowl. If he gets the
Commodores into the SEC Championship Game, he won’t last until the bowl

It’s possible.

On the other end there is Tennessee, which
made a quarterback change and won 13-9 over Northern Illinois. Woo-hoo.
Nine first downs against the Huskies is embarrassing. What’s more
embarrassing is that the athletic director Mike Hamilton, who gave
Phillip Fulmer the ridiculous contract extension, told reporters he
suggested the change in quarterbacks to help with attendance.

may give us a peek into what is going on at Tennessee. Athletic
directors like the have the keys to the program. They may stick with
Fulmer because he and Hamilton are friends and he will listen to his AD
when it comes to personnel decisions.

If the Vols beat Georgia in Athens next week, there should be a congressional investigation.