SEC Rewind: Who’s No. 12?


One topic in the press box Saturday in Knoxville was not about how
great the SEC is, but which is the worst team in the conference. This
was sparked because we were watching Arkansas get pummeled by Alabama.

crazy thing is that we were having this discussion without mentioning
Vanderbilt and Kentucky. The two have-nots are a combined 7-0. That’s
just weird but it also shows the strength of the coaching in this
league, because Rich Brooks and Bobby Johnson are doing wonderful jobs
with less resources than the big boys.

But back to the topic, we had
this roundtable before Tennessee looked like it hadn’t practiced all
summer in a 30-6 loss to Florida. Not to take anything away from the
Gators, but the Vols looked like a poorly-coached, rag-tag team.

I’m not saying Tennessee is the worst team in the SEC, but considering
what has happened to UCLA since it beat the mighty Vols you have to put
Phillip Fulmer’s team in the conversation.

By the way, I watched
his TV show before leaving Knoxville. If he said, “Jeez!” once he said
it a hundred times while watching the highlights.

Instead, as we
sit here today I think it’s a two-team race for the bottom. Mississippi
State looks dreadful. Arkansas is pretty bad as well.

Arkansas can at least score. The Hogs’ defense is awful.

I thought Mississippi State had a good defense but that was before it gave up 438 rushing yards to Georgia Tech.

Right now, the Bulldogs get the nod as the worst SEC team.

But on Nov. 22 in Starkville, they face the Razorbacks. We’ll see then.